Renewal and a Tutorial on Smart Objects

Hi, ya’ll!  I bet you didn’t think I’d ever get back here!  My host changed, so, I thought this would be a good time to start fresh. Actually, even though I backed up the old blog, I don’t know how to upload it.  (blush, blush)  I found some WP feature that allowed me to ‘Import’ the back-up file, but, it was too large!  So, if I can figure it out, I want to add my ‘Pages’, which had all the links to resources!  If not, I will start that anew, as well!  Bear with me as I gradually add back some of the features I thought would still be nice. I sure thank you!

This past years or so has been very hard on me and I’m not in the best of health, anyway.  But, I just can’t keep on going at this rate!  So, I am trying to get in the habit to look at things differently.  A lot of my past has to do with bad decisions, so, I know that needs work. Much of it was issues with my children and some friends.  Some things I just can’t control!  Some, I can!  I have to learn to deal with those things.  The biggy, though, is I must learn to say “NO”!

Anyhow, I have been busy!  If I sit idle, my thoughts devour me, so, I took this time to enroll in some online courses.  Photoshop Artistry was a must!  Sebastian has collaborated with some of the best designers and resource providers in the field!  New content is constantly being added!  There are some specialty workshops in Brush Design with Amanda, as in Studio Amanda Rockwell, Smart Objects with the awesome Dave Cross, and i-Phone Art with Susan Tuttle.  Dave Cross has held classes on Creative Live and he is good!  (These workshops are not part of the PSArtistry site, but, separate with nominal fees.)  There are contests, challenges, lessons, resources, our own gallery and a forum.

If you aren’t sure about the Smart Objects, you really should look into them!  A really good place to use them is with fonts.  You know how you have to rasterize a text layer before you can apply a filter to your text?  Then, if you decide later you don’t like the font, or the filter, or even want to change the words, you pretty much have to start over!  If you use Smart Objects, you can add filters (now called Smart Filters) and still go back to the original text any time just by double-clicking on the Smart Filter icon and tweek away!

I did some images to help explain.  Here is the Layers Palette with a background and one layer of text.

This is what the document looks like:

SmartObjects&Text-aTo change the text layer to a Smart Object, right-click and select ‘Convert to Smart Object’ or, in the top menu bar, click on Filters>Convert to Smart Object.  You will know it is a Smart Object because of the tiny little box (the icon) down in the lower right-hand corner of the layer’s thumbnail. Notice, too, that the Filters are now on a separate layer. You can go back to that Filter and change it!  Can’t do that when it’s rasterized!


I used the Graphic Pen Filter.  Here are the results:


If you ever need to change the text font, size or color, double-click on that tiny little box in the lower right-hand corner.  A new window will open up with the original text!


Make any changes and click Save, not Save As. There will be a message box.  Just save and close.  Here is the new text:


When you check your document, wallah!  The changes have been updated!


This is not the only thing Smart Objects are used for!  You can add changes to one Smart Object layer, Convert it to a Smart Object, add more changes, Convert… and keep on going.  It’s rather like those dolls that nest inside each other.  To go back, you just keep double-clicking on the little tiny box in the lower right-hand corner.  I don’t recall how many times you can ‘nest’ Smart Objects, I forget, but, it is a good amount.

If I have left you dumbfounded with no clue, try Dave’s workshop, or, at least, Google ‘Smart Objects’ and seek out more information.

I have been working on some goodies and will start posting them here soon.  My ‘style’ has evolved, so, I am not doing the full-blown digital scrapbooking kits.  Rather, I have been learning Art-Journaling and many of those techniques. My aim is to create objects and backgrounds and elements that look like the real life art journals.  I love what some folks have done with theirs and they can be therapeutic, as well.  Just go to Pinterest and enter ‘Art-Journaling’ in the search box!!

I just wanted to get my blog up and running again, yet, make it worthwhile to read.  If you aren’t familiar with my blog, I like to write tutorials and create artsy resources to use in my own art that I share.  I hope to see you again!  Next on my agenda is an RSS Feed so you can get notified when I post.

Until next time…




Fonts used:  “Love Ya Like A Sister” and “Lauren Script”