What a Wonderful World

Art, to me comes in many forms. Here, we have the wonderful world around us. Such art! In the video, not only is the music artistic, but, the “puppet master”, indeed, brings something even more beautiful to Mr. Louis’ Armstrongs crooning.

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Cube Art

Some of the “cubes” on so many of the ‘support’ sites to MySpace, are hokey. The photo cube is ancient. The online, revolving cube is cool. I just never thought of using a MySpace ‘generator’ to compose an expression. Far out!


The possibilities are endless! I couldn’t resist!


The black background gives each image a “floating” effect. I had fun!

New Age in Art

As an artist, and one passionate about graphic design, I dedicate this site as an experiment of sorts. The way I express myself is through the various mediums of the artistic realm. In addition to painting, I have a keen interest in transforming images into something that goes beyond the norm, outside the box, if you will.

One “medium” I have only kust started working in is the “MySpace” technique, for lack of a better term. Borrowing from the wide variety of generators and widgets, creating new concepts with certain images, I find fascinating. There are no laws where expression is concerned.

We have embraced the digital age in most every other aspect of our lives. I am curious to see how artistic expression and the digital age meld.
Here, I hope to experiment with some of these new concepts. This is strictly for my amusement and artistic expression.

And, so, she began….