New Age in Art

As an artist, and one passionate about graphic design, I dedicate this site as an experiment of sorts. The way I express myself is through the various mediums of the artistic realm. In addition to painting, I have a keen interest in transforming images into something that goes beyond the norm, outside the box, if you will.

One “medium” I have only kust started working in is the “MySpace” technique, for lack of a better term. Borrowing from the wide variety of generators and widgets, creating new concepts with certain images, I find fascinating. There are no laws where expression is concerned.

We have embraced the digital age in most every other aspect of our lives. I am curious to see how artistic expression and the digital age meld.
Here, I hope to experiment with some of these new concepts. This is strictly for my amusement and artistic expression.

And, so, she began….

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