An Experiment in Macro Photography

Currently, I am trying to work photography in with the design study. It is fairly new to my repertoire. In fact, I shoot lousy snapshots. I’ve taken several online courses and am still learning and practicing.

Yesterday, I went outside with my camera and took some shots of some of the plants in my own yard. Actually, I was trying different settings for a comparison/education. By taking multiple shots with the various settings, I can see more clearly how the each apply. I love it! Very fun, too!

The following are just a few of the many photos I took:

Pinecone Lily

Bottlebrush Flower

Ti Plant


Aside from forgetting to remove the date on the fern, I was intrigued. I have a lot of room for improvement. But, what I did, afterwards, was to go to a photo enhancing site and “tweek” several of the photos. That turned out some “interesting” images.

This is the Bottlebrush Flower with a setting of “Blackbody”.

It was a beautiful day out. I learned quite a bit yesterday. And, I got some pretty pictures, as well. I really need a better camera, though.

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