One Amazing Lady

When I first started delving into digital scrapbooking, one name stood out among the vast collection of talented folks who design these downloadable masterpieces – Stella. When I saw that Stella was starting a brand new site, I joined on in the beginning in hopes of learning from these talented folks – particularly, Stella. I haven’t been disappointed.

Stella still has other sites. She is involved with design for still other sites, as well. She just did an ezine article, a tutorial, for Al’s website, Al is a highly respected contributor to the graphics community, I gather. I just found out about him, but, I gleaned this much already.

Not only does Stella have her fingers in a mess of pies, they are real treats! She has a style that is just pleasing with great taste in color coordinating. She can also reaspond to every post on the forum and keep abreast of everyone and everything. This is what I see. Lordy knows what I don’t see. I don’t know how she does it. When her new site first opened, she was real sick and in the process of moving. Yet, she found the will and the time to come online and spread her kindness and good spirit, along with her designs.

I had decided to post, one day, in the blog that comes with the membership on her site, Cottage Scrapbooks.I wrote about how hard I had found scrapbook layout designs. I have always been artistic and just didn’t really see how scrappin’ was going to satisfy my longing to create graphic design. Me, just one person, venting about my own little inner-turmoil. I have a bunch of family photos and I wanted to learn design. I thought this was a no-brainer. But, the photos weren’t that good and the designers did such a good job, already, on their layouts. I couldn’t see how I could contribute anything resourceful.

At some point, since I wrote that blog, Stella read it and commented. I just found it today as I didn’t have my notification set to alert me when a comment was posted. What she wrote, to me, is so inspiring. I include it here.

Yup, you’re good!
I’m feeling better today, thank goddess!

I’m with you in the learning process ~ we take from others what we glean as necessary to add to our cache of experience in order to grow from that. It’s how a baby learns about life, it’s how we learn as adults. In the big, wild, wide world of digiscrapping, I am so in awe of many designers’ talents and I wish I ‘could create like them’ but …. then I realise that my creative ability allows me to do things that are completely different from their own. Though I may have been inspired by them, I simply have to create my kits/items my own way.

I want so much for everyone who comes to this site to find a friendly, open community where they are not only welcome, but also encouraged to take the freebies, use them and learn how to make their own. It’s the inspiration for the creative process that they can find here, not just some forums and a gallery.

Thank you for such a beautiful, detailed blog entry… I will borrow some of your wisdom, perhaps, and start blogging on a more regular basis. Now that we are settled into our new house-sit for a few months, now that my cold is finally waving bye-bye… I will take the time to do so.

I want for you to see your collection of photos as an art exhibit, a special, different, unique art exhibit…these photos that are yours contain images only *you* saw… let them speak or whisper or sing or demonstrate…whatever you want them to, on your pages that you lovingly create for them.

Please post them for us.
I would be honoured if you did…

I’m touched, not just that she found time to mentor me, but, that she did. I am so blessed to know this lady. She is such an inspiration!

Thank You, Stella!

One thought on “One Amazing Lady

  1. Su ~ I am in total shock here… you have honoured me so much!!! Thank you for your kind, thoughful words. What a touching post, and it’s so public, too… lol! You deserve something really special. When this coming weekend is over, the DSD celebrations, I will have something special just for you… I’ll write it down so I don’t forget.. you know, those senior moments!BIG HUGS!!!! Stella


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