Celebrating Life’s Blessed Accomplishmenst

My interest in digital art has taken me in yet another direction. I like this one. I had the good fortune of finding a very cool digi-scrapping website, “Magickal Scraps”. I love the whole Majik theme, but, the designs they come out with are just awesome! I joined about a month ago and immediately entered in to a challenge on the forum, the November Color Challenge.

A color palette was provided:

Then, the idea is to create a layout or a kit, with this palette, post it in the associated gallery and, hopefully, win some goodies or a certificate for the shop. Sounds easy enough. And, really, it was. But, what ensued, for me, was my usual fussiness and perfection, sending me into a creative extravaganza. The result, and I do mean result, is a set of some really pretty papers.

The experience was that – an experience, good experience. Forever the perfectionist, I came up with several different concepts. I started three different kits! I have files of stuff! But, I was only satisfied to share the papers that I just finished. I won’t use other people’s designs, unless I absolutely have to, because I can’t ever find who they belong to or I forget. Whatever, I just don’t use them. So, I create all of everything before I post it. I don’t advertise my blog. It’s more a hobby. But, I try to just be original so as not to have to deal with copyright law.

It was necessary for this simple little set of papers to take me so long to create. I needed to make all the mistakes that I did. I had to find out, for myself, that 4shared sucks. LOL I have only had CS3 for about 8 months, so, I’ve been learning that at the same time as I am the scrapbooking. The two go hand in hand. So, it was necessary and well-spent time. Finally, I am coming to feel more comfortable doing this.

Here, then, are the previews. I split the papers in to two previews, then, I made a kind of fun page to announce the set. The papers, themselves, will be at Magickal Scraps, as they are my contribution to their contest.

Art Imitates Life Imitates Art

Recently, I came upon this site which hosted the above image – http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/category/art/. Curious, I took a good look and, what? Evidently, as an advertisement for Software-asli.com software reseller, Bates 141 came up with their concept of ‘art imitates life imitates art’.

This is a mock-up of a Photoshop workspace. See it?

On Flckr, there is a step-by-step photo log of the steps the ceators took to come to this final version. See it here.

Make a Flake – Online Snowflake Maker

Isn’t that cool? I made the snowflake online. This site is a flash program that lets you snip away at a piece of paper, just like you would do to make a paper flake. By clicking as you guide the “scissors” around the folded paper, you cut out bits and pieces, making the cut-outs for the flake. You may preview at any time. You can do more snipping, save the one you have or start over, if you like. It took me a few tries to maneuver the scissors, but, after that, I got pretty creative. Oh, when you go to save to .jpeg, I removed the .php from the title of the file as it tended to be saved in .php, rather than .jpeg. Lastly, you will need Flashplayer, but, there is a link to get it free. Click on the snowflake, above, to go to Make a Flake.

Clocks, Clocks and More Clocks

I’m not real sure why, but, I have a fascination with Widgets, gadgets and other “moving” images that one can interact with. I love the wide assortment of clocks that are available for blogs and MySpace-type layouts. So, for this little online exhibit, I am featuring Clock Widgets.

A Watch:

An Orange Slice

A Kitty Cat

A Face?

A Child’s Drawing

Pink Digital

A Skull!


Bar Code

Santa Claus



All of the above clocks are from ClockLink.com. Their site allows for simple and quick placement of their widgets. That’s cool!



Stone Accent Studios, one of the finest digi-scrapbooking sites on the web, had a challenge, recently, the “October Color Challenge”. They give the topic and the color scheme and, often, the kits, or some other pre-defined parameters, in which one must adhere. A lot of the scrapping sites do this. Challenges are quite common and very popular. One can win prizes, but, the joy is in the creating.

The topic of this month’s Color Challenge was “There’s A Mystery Afoot…”. Boo, the lady who puts this challenge on, offered a kit, named “Miss Marple”, which included elements pertaining to Agatha Christi’s famous spinster sleuth. With this kit and the colors to work with, I thought this one might be fun.

With the addition of more elements and kits designs from the other participants in the challenge, there was quite a selection to choose from. The ladies who participate in these are quite generous. They will not only compete, but, they will make add-ons to match the color scheme and subject matter. So, throughout the challenge, we were all treated to the likes of magnifying glasses, crime scene tape, fingerprints, blood splatters, Clue (the board game) style “weapons” cards, all sorts of goodies, relating to the arm chair detective’s interests.

The gist of the mystery was “clues”, and the main thing that we were supposed to do with our layouts that we submit, is to create something that was “of a mystery” themed. That is when I came up with the idea of the fish layout. My son was so proud of that big, old fish! I had a great time making the layout. This was my first entry into a challenge at SAS and my first “big” layout.