Stone Accent Studios, one of the finest digi-scrapbooking sites on the web, had a challenge, recently, the “October Color Challenge”. They give the topic and the color scheme and, often, the kits, or some other pre-defined parameters, in which one must adhere. A lot of the scrapping sites do this. Challenges are quite common and very popular. One can win prizes, but, the joy is in the creating.

The topic of this month’s Color Challenge was “There’s A Mystery Afoot…”. Boo, the lady who puts this challenge on, offered a kit, named “Miss Marple”, which included elements pertaining to Agatha Christi’s famous spinster sleuth. With this kit and the colors to work with, I thought this one might be fun.

With the addition of more elements and kits designs from the other participants in the challenge, there was quite a selection to choose from. The ladies who participate in these are quite generous. They will not only compete, but, they will make add-ons to match the color scheme and subject matter. So, throughout the challenge, we were all treated to the likes of magnifying glasses, crime scene tape, fingerprints, blood splatters, Clue (the board game) style “weapons” cards, all sorts of goodies, relating to the arm chair detective’s interests.

The gist of the mystery was “clues”, and the main thing that we were supposed to do with our layouts that we submit, is to create something that was “of a mystery” themed. That is when I came up with the idea of the fish layout. My son was so proud of that big, old fish! I had a great time making the layout. This was my first entry into a challenge at SAS and my first “big” layout.

One thought on “Evidence

  1. Hi Su, I love this layout! Great job on it. – I just had to come by and say thank you for the message that you left on my blog this morning. No I don’t think you are nuts-o, LOL . I’ve had and still do have my own moments such as this, so understand fully. Thanks for taking the time to post about the bean sprout. I greatly appreciate it. Have a great day, Kim


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