Make a Flake – Online Snowflake Maker

Isn’t that cool? I made the snowflake online. This site is a flash program that lets you snip away at a piece of paper, just like you would do to make a paper flake. By clicking as you guide the “scissors” around the folded paper, you cut out bits and pieces, making the cut-outs for the flake. You may preview at any time. You can do more snipping, save the one you have or start over, if you like. It took me a few tries to maneuver the scissors, but, after that, I got pretty creative. Oh, when you go to save to .jpeg, I removed the .php from the title of the file as it tended to be saved in .php, rather than .jpeg. Lastly, you will need Flashplayer, but, there is a link to get it free. Click on the snowflake, above, to go to Make a Flake.

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