I’ll Never Learn CS3 with Sites Like These

The learning process varies with each individual. In my case, for example, instead of taking things in a slow, methodical and, somewhat, sequential approach, I jump in with both feet and aim for the toughest project to date. When I acquired Photoshop CS3, I had no idea what a daunting task I was about to undertake. There is more to this program than one could possibly imagine. Plus, there are, at least, 3 different ways to go about performing any one feature in one’s quest for creative expression.

My approach was to read, read, read, all I could find on Photoshop. This, obviously, turned to seeking out tutorial sites, which offer fairly detailed instructions to every function the program offers, and then some. The field of PS tuts is ginormous! I narrowed things down to several of the ‘better’ sites, or, I should say, the few sites that have made it the easiest for me to follow. Usually, these involve less than 5 steps. I’ve also turned my efforts to trying out some of the challenges on the scrapbooking sites I like. One, it is a great opportunity to try something new, and, two, there are plenty of helpful, friendly ladies, and a few gents, who are more than happy to offer their priceless and experienced assistance.

Recently, I decided on a ‘color challenge’ at one of my favorite sites. I featured this in my last post, “Celebrating Life’s Blessed Accomplishments“. Whilst flittering around the internet, searching for inspiration for ideas to use with Photoshop, I had the opportunity to come across several sites that enable the “less-than-creative” to produce some pretty cool designs of their own. I find creativity runs in cycles – it’s own cycles. Starting with whatever color choices I prefer, or, as in the color challenge, using their pre-determined color palette, I can make stripes, plaids, florals, geometrics, abstracts, and on and on. These “generators” are standing in the way of my learning how to do these very designs with my CS3. But, hey, I’m learning a lot about color! LOL

Stripes of any size, shape, color, design or angle, including the shadowing, can be generated at StripeGenerator.com. It’s fun just to play around with this generator, but, the designs can be saved with a download feature. I thought this site was pretty neat with it’s sliders and options. Something so basic as a line turns in to some beautiful patterns with this online generator.

The next site I found is TartanMaker.com. Guess what this generator does! Right! It makes some of the niftiest tartan patterns, or plaids. The patterns can be thin, wide, angled, what ever color I want, and, they, too, can be saved with the download feature. I don’t believe that an ugly pattern could come from this generator. I surprised myself.

At COLOURlovers.com, one can pick their own colors, palettes and designs, even. What’s more, you can import an image of your liking and the generator will build a palette off the colors of your image. I registered so that I could take advantage of the ability to save my designs and, if so desired, join in the forum. From there, I chose the colors I wanted to use and entered up to 5 colors. Then, there is an option to create a pattern with the palette. They offer the patterns, broken down by categories, floral, ornate, mosaic, even camo. Most categories have several different patterns to chose from. All you have to do is decide, then, click. From thee, your pattern is saved for downloading. Here’s a representative “badge” from my patterns:


I’ll eventually learn Photoshop and be able to completely regurgitate design all over the place. The process is what is so darned fun! All the searching and trying and practicing and, even some exposure, are building my repertoire of experience in this world of graphic design. And, that is what I like!

To see some of the designs that I made for the challenge, look at my last posting, here.

I also want to add that anytime we use a generator to create “our designs”, we must give credit to the attributing generator’s site. “Pop Minds”, the creator of the StripeGenerator and the TartanMaker, have made linking to them easy with their own banners. Pop Minds has an interesting site, themselves. They make other generators and you can check them out at

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