Magickal Scraps’ Color Challenge Collaboration

Not long ago I participated in a challenge at Magickal Scraps, the November Color Challenge. In a previous post, I showed off the papers that I had made for this challenge, “Namaste Papers”. The post is “Celebrating Life’s Blessed Accomplishments”, just click on the title.

Since I am so new to CS3, I had made some other papers and elements for the same challenge, but, didn’t submit them, at the time. Now, I have put them together with a few new elements and papers, even a few frames and page overlays. I am including these, at this time, to coordinate with Magickal Scraps‘ release of the subsequent “collaboration”. Click on the previews to download. And, thank you, for looking. (Tou in sidebar)


Again, thank you for visiting and taking a look. Oh, and a great, big hug to snowraven and the ladies at Magickal Scraps forum for all of their kind words and encouragement.

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