Winter Coats

I have just had the best time working with some colors and inspiration for December’s “Edna’s Challenge”, over at “Magickal Scraps” forum. She gave us a painting by Thomas Kincaid and asked us to do a layout, or some design, with our inspiration from it. The painting is called, “Skater’s Pond”.

With a close examination of the painting, I was struck by the coats and the different colors and styles that they come in. Remember those with the fur-trimmed collars? So, I selected three(3) different tones from the painting and put together my interpretation of this beautiful painting – “Winter Coats”. Click on preview to download.

Thank you for looking. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Winter Coats

  1. hay love the kit. great colors and elements. i looked over the other kit you sent me sorry so long getting back to you on it. but i loved the flannel pj. great kit and great kit name. so i was wondering if you have given any more thought to selling in the shop. and i have a spot open on the mega challenge kit designs team if you are interested. let me know . thanks helen.


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