January’s End – Challenge Kit Entries Completed

This blog was born, in a way, out of my desire to learn Photshop’s CS3. Lacking the funds to delve into some of the ‘guarateed’ learning tools, I jumped in with both feet. Actually, at the beginning of this month, January, I started a new round of challenges on a couple of the forums in which I subscribe. The nature of quite a few of the challenges were such that, each was a tutorial in some way or another. Not only that, but, the best folks to aks questions of are right there in the forum.

I set about to complete as many of the challeneges as I could. There are two, in particular, that I spent quite a bit of time on, each. I made kits for both, which were ‘color challenges’. With these, the color palette is provided and the participants can do a layout in those colors, or an entire kit. I chose to work on kits, mainly, for the experience.

The first challenge is Magickal Scraps January Color challenge. Here is the color palette:

I wasn’t too sure about pastels. For one reason, I wanted to experiment with ‘grunge’ effects. Grungy pastels, I thought, would wind up looking like someone’s dirty underwear. LOL It turned out pretty good. The challenge, to me, was in preventing it from looking too much like dirty underwear. I gained a lot of experience out of both of the kits I am posting today. However, I found the tuts and guided lessons offered at Magickal Scraps more involved. I spent the most time on this one, as it was pastels and not as easy as the other, with brighter, darker colors. That is just the way they do things. Here’s “Vintage Boudoir”:

Magickal Scraps January Color Challenge
(Images are clickable to MediaFire for downloading, if you like.)

ELEMENTS – click on image:
Frames – click HERE.

PAPERS – click on image:

The second challenge that I completed with a kit was for Cottage Scrapbooks’ Flavor of the Month Challenge. Kay C. offered the color palette, or ‘flavor’, to follow:

I did much the same with this kit, in that, I challenged myself to try some new effects, techniques, etc. I like the way much of this one turned out. Here is “Pampered Vintage Lady”:

Cottage Scrapbook’s January Flavor of the Month Challenge

and, the PAPERS, Image Part 1:


Thank you for looking.

On another note. one dear lady I know, Keryn at ScrappinShaddie, “tagged” me in a game called, “6 Picture Meme”. What fun!

The object of the game is this:

1. Go to where you store your pictures on your PC.

2. Navigate to the 6th folder, then, the 6th picture in that folder.

3. Post the picture on your blog, with a little background story on the picture.

4. Then, tag 6 more people to play along. Be sure to notify them you have tagged them.

Here is my 6th/6th picture:

It’s JAELA, my granddaughter!

Jaela’s mommy, my daughter, is a single mom. She has to work and, fortunately, has a good job. Her two little darlings, Jaela (above) and her son, Nicky, go to day care, Nicky only for after-school care, as he is in first grade. When one, or both, of the children become ill, they aren’t allowed to attend school or daycare. That’s where I come in.

In order to keep my daughter, Sarah, working as much as possible when the children are sick, I try to take care of them, myself. It isn’t hard to do, but, because of my back, it can become really taxing, really soon! LOL The picture is one such day, recently, when Jaela was staying at my house because of a bad cold.

You can see the “mustache” on her upper lip from drinking juice. What a mess, that girl. She’s a doll, but, she is a handful. It is also rare that she doesn’t have a top on. Jaela is a “fashon mogul”. She loves to put on clothes and sass around in them. She will just carry a cute dress around, sometimes. She loves cute things. She is all into jewelry and ribbons and bows.

Since she had been running a fever, she just wasn’t quite up to being herself, that day. She just didn’t feel good. Bless her heart.

NOW, who to TAG?


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