An Angel for Trenton

An Angel for Trenton

(This entire concept came to me via an e-mail notification from the site admin at

Much to my, and others’, chagrin, there seems to be a rash of missing children in my area of the state, here, in Florida. Specifically, I write of little Trenton Duckett, a precious, precious little guy whose mother, seemingly, stashed him, then, committed suicide. He has never been found. Then, there is the more recent case of Caylee Anthony. So sad. Her mother sits in jail while, just the other day, there was a memorial service held for the little angel’s remains. Then, just the other night, Monday, to be exact, less than 50 miles from me, another little girl, a little 5-year-old named Haleigh Cummings, disappeared from her home, while sleeping, in the middle of the night. She has not been located, yet.

John Walsh, who we all know as the father of little Adam Walsh, who was kidnapped and, later, found dead, has been a leader in keeping those in the limelight who need to be remembered. Aside from revealing information which may lead to the child’s safe return, or the capture of said offending individual(s), his efforts have made the disappearance of children top drawer news. He has single-handedly kept the memory of his son alive through constant reminders. If Mr. Walsh has prevented even one child from separation from his loved ones, then, Adam’s loss was indeed a turning point in our society.

It is my goal, as it is the goal of Balamm and others, to keep the memory of our most valuable resource – our future’s most valuable asset – our children, alive and in the headlines. Someday, somehow, some way, in keeping a memory alive, perhaps, there may be some chance that even one child might be safe from the dangers in this world. In addition, it is my hopes to help start, keep and instill, in all who read, a sense that all hope is not lost and all people are capable of keeping a child alive, if only in memory.

I invite you to take an angel, add any name you desire, and place it where you and others may see it and keep that child’s memory, alive and well, right along side our loved ones. The link will take you to a thread on the forum at Here is where I got this concept, from Balamm, the site administrator. His idea is what encouraged me to take a position in this matter. With things progressing as he has offered, not only will the memories of these innocent little lives be forever ingrained in our collective psyche, perhaps, one day, no questions will remain. For this, I pray. I invite you to do the same.

Thank you for reading.

Balamm has made this cute angel that you can add to your blog with the code he has for you, here, at

If you would like to add a link to your website, blog or siggy, with a link back to, like this:

Please Share An Angel for {insert child’s name}

then, check it out. Balamm has generously offered the folowing codes:


Please Share An Angel for Trenton

Please Share [url=]An Angel for Trenton[/url]


Please Share An Angel for {insert child’s name}

Please Share [url=]An Angel for {insert child’s name}[/url]

Hopefully, this may help to bring folks’ attention to this matter.
Anything we do that is a reminder will hopefully ensure that these children are never far from our thoughts. Thank you for your help.

If anyone would like to submit any art or other ‘commemorative’ image, please refer to the post at

I would also like to invite you to go to the Amber Alert website. This system was implemented due of the disappearance of yet another of our children, Amber Hagerman in 1996. Here, you can download an Amber Alert widget for your web page(s). Thank you.

2 thoughts on “An Angel for Trenton

  1. I am really shocked that so many children have gone missing. It’s not something that we encounter much in the UK and when we do it is front page news.We are quite a small country compared to the states I know.I can only imagine the distress and pain that these disappearances cause for the child, the parents and all who know them.HugsJune


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