Earth Day 2009

I can’t help but wonder why there is an “earth day”. Christmas, and some of the other ‘special days’, are in celebration of a birth or a death or some date in time that has some significance. Is the anniversary of Earth Day significant? I guess this is a day to acknowledge all we do during the year. For being Eco-minded is a 24/7/365 happening. It can’t be done only one day of the year. My goodness! This planet would be totally ravaged if not for so many folks trying to ‘go green.’ For the first time that I remember, ecology is the cool thing to do. How far one goes with it is entirely up to the individual.

There are ‘tree-huggers’, but, then, there are also the folks who recognized a problem and speak out against it, drawing necessary attention to the problem. A major example is in the factory waste that used to be dumped right out in to some of our country’s precious land and water supplies. Does “Erin Brockovich” ring a bell? If not for outspoken folks like Erin, who knows how many more lives would be lost or irreparably damaged.

Going green, ecology, whatever name one ascribes to it, has not always been an acceptable way of living. Until the global warming evidence began to alert people to the dire situation, I don’t think many people took green-living serious enough to do any good. It was a pain to separate all your garbage before putting it out for recycling. Paper cups and plates were sure convenient – no dishes to wash. Not to mention they are more sanitary and cut down on spreading flu germs. You have to weigh out the differences between paper napkins and cloth towelettes. The towels must be washed, using energy and water. Napkins are sanitary, easily disposed and do break down easily in the environment. But, there is energy used on a much larger scale at the factories where the paper napkins are made. Decisions! Decisions! It has me going in circles sometimes!

Any time we alter a way of living, until we are accustomed to it, it will put one out a bit. But, that is what is needed – change! Not in one’s degree of their green living, but, in their inner belief system. It is a life style. You have to really believe you are making a difference to feel good about it. The pattern will follow. Any actions you take to recycle, reuse and mind the environment, is good. It may seem so small, but, if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever get accomplished. It is the accumulation of many small deeds that amount to drastic changes.

Earth Day isn’t exactly the celebratory event that the other special occasions and holidays are, but, it is still as good a time as any to evaluate your own habits and see if there is room for improvement. Then, ‘celebrate’ this every single day!


Party Pictures – Nick and Danielle’s Wedding

On Saturday, after the marriage on Friday of my son and his new wife, we celebrated with family, friends, food and libations, in the back yard of my home, the home where the children grew up.

My youngest daughter decorated and the oldest daughter prepared all the food. The decorations were bright and cheery, in deep, rich, spring colors, rather than pastels. Spring is a “new beginning” time in my household. All of the “new” celebrations have come together, for us, at this time: Easter, Spring and the marriage, a new beginning for 6 lives. (The bride is a mommy to 4 children.)

The food was scrumptious. My daughter provided snack-type goodies, two types of chicken wings, veggie platters, deviled eggs, several types of chips and dips for each. She had these ‘corn dog bites’ that were perfect. Canned drinks, “my iced-tea”, a keg, provided by my son’s boss, and a “phantom” bottle of rum, rounded out the refreshments. A truly ‘typical’ southern party.

Family and frineds offered up toast to the new couple, all toasting to their happiness and good fortune.

And, then, there was the cake……

Or, rather, what they did with the cake. LOL

I will only show you a snapshot of the frivalry of the bride and groom ‘sharing’ a bite of cake. LOL Some folks just might not understand the video. LOL Let’s just say, she sure can run! LOL
(The little face peering up at the huge cake is that of my grand-daughter, Jaela. Even with what is about to happen, she wouldn’t leave that cake.)

The bride’s mini-van wasn’t forgotten, either:

And, a final southern, outdoor party tradition, the bonfire. We phoned the fire department, which, is where my oldest daughter is employed as a firefighter/paramedic, and got ‘permission’. It always is a good idea to take precautions.

Okay, okay! I’ll show it to you. Please, bear in mind that they were both having fun!


Presenting: Man and Wife

Friday, April 10, 2009, my only son, Nicholas, betrothed himself to his sweetheart, Danielle, in a civil ceremony in the courthouse, here. A second marriage for the bride, the couple chose a casual ceremony. Their smiles were all the ‘decorations’ needed.
There was just a slight moment of “the nerves”:

They exchanged their vows to one another:

Made a promise to one another with rings:

Then, sealed it all with a kiss:


I was the one filming this and was crying so hard, that is why the couple came to the camera person at the end. I just let the camera drop and hugged my son and his new wife.

That all took place on Friday. It was on Saturday that we celebrated with a party. Those photos, as well as, lots of layouts to come. LOL

Thanks for looking and letting me share this special time in my life.

I also would like to say,

Welcome to the family, Danielle!




‘Tis a Lovely Day for a Wedding

Today is such a gorgeous day, here in sunny Florida. The sun is shining and there is a very slight breeze wafting through the fresh morning air. All around me, birds are chirping, children, home for spring break, are playing, and, buds are springing out from their stalks all over. Things are surely becoming green. The long, dark and dank winter is past. Earth is awakening with the promise of new life, fresh flora and fauna, in abundance. For me, this is what Pandora saved for all of us – HOPE.

Without hope for things to come, I feel, one can’t be as inspired to fulfill one’s life and expectations to the fullest. By this, I mean, to be able to appreciate and live in harmony with the earth, the rest will follow. It was here today and, with all the promise that is coming to us, right about now, it will be here tomorrow. This is my hope. I hope to see tomorrow, but, will make the most of today.

As I ponder all of this, I can’t help but be aware of all the sorrow, tragedy and pain around the world. Children are missing and/or exploited. I was reminded of this just this morning, as I passed by one of our hospitals. Spread out across the front lawn of the huge complex there were hundreds, if not thousands, of children’s ‘pin-wheel’ toys. Stopped at a light in front of the huge expanse of whirling, glittery pinwheels, I saw the sign. In remembrance of all the missing and/or exploited children in the world, pinwheels, representing each of them, were placed there. They were all spinning in the slight morning breeze. Then, just as the light turned green, tears welled up in my eyes. Goddesses bless the little ones.

There is other pain and ugliness world-wide. I live in pain with a bad back. There is never enough money, everyone seems to be struggling in these difficult times. I could go on and on and on. I choose not to, though. Because of the time of year, my faith in beauty and peace is restored. This week in April is not only a special time for Christians the world over. Easter, the passing and resurrection of the lord, fits in with the vernal equinox and the full moon, this one known as the “wind” moon. Seeds of plants are gently spread through the April breezes, ensuring an abundant regrowth. The promise brings hope.

In spite of things that are so difficult the world over, joy and happiness abound. Partially because of the promise and hope, one feels things can change. One manages. We always do, too. You do what you have to do and, somehow, we always manage.

Later today, my 31 year old son, Nick, is wedding his sweetheart, Danielle. Seeing the two of them together, the love is so obvious. The couple will exchange their vows to each other this afternoon at 3:oo. Tomorrow, we are having an outdoors reception with all of our friends and family. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate, not only the union of man and woman, but, the promisses that come with. Indeed, the promise of things to come, some uncertain, some fairly certain, gives us all hope that things are changing.

Our expectations play a major role here. Those and a good positive outlook. Looking at this world and my life, with an open, accepting and trusting manner, I feel I open myself for much joy and happiness. If I try to completely block the bad, I’ll miss all of the good, too.

I’m so grateful for what I do have. I am so grateful that my son has foiund the girl he wishes to share his life with. I am so grateful for my two daughters and 2 grandchildren. I am so lucky! Rather than dwelling on the negative, this lady is planning on celebrating the positive.

In celebration of all the promise and hope in our lives, I would like to offer you this floral frame that I designed. It is actually 4 separate .png corners. The bright, spring-time colors represent my hope. I’d like to share that. Thank you for looking.

(click image to download from 4shared)

With that, I must be off. There is much to do in preparation for our celebration. This isn’t to be a big, traditional wedding. Niether my son nor Danielle wanted to go through with all that. Rather, close friends, family, good food and drink will help commemorate the love that just abounds with the couple. As infectious as this is, we should have a happy bunch here tomorrow.

I surely hope that your weekend is as joyful, peaceful and nice as it can possibly be.



Let’s All ‘Runaway to the Beach’!

I love cool weather. The cold snap that just rushed across the country, causing snow to fall everywhere but Florida, has left a bit of a nip in the air. It’s in the low 60’s, but, it is windy. It’s beautiful, but, my goddess, it wreaks havoc on my weary back! I should become a meteorologist. I can predict when it is going to rain, too. LOL A lot of folks have the same problem as I do. I suppose it doesn’t do any good to bitch about it.
In addition to feeling the cold in the worst kind of way, my son is getting married this weekend. It is the brides second marriage, so, they are getting married at the courthouse on Friday. Then, on Saturday, we are having a reception/celebration party here at my house out under the oak tree. I am playing hell just trying to move my body! There is so much that needs to be done. I’m hoping for a miracle. LOL

Now, that March has ended, I have some challenge entries that I will put up here for free download. I don’t know if there is a set protocol, but, I feel a sense of ‘duty’ to the forum where the challenge originated, first. After everyone there has seen it and download it, then, I feel it is okay to post to the public. I dunno.

There is a little story about the title of the kit I’m putting up, “Runaway to the Beach”. On Florida’s east coast, on Route A1A, there are signs along side the road that read, “Runway to Beach”. They have them anywhere there is a public access, like a path. As a little girl I thought the sign read, “run-away to the beach”. It sounded like fun! LOL At some point, I figured it out, but, heard tales from others who had thought the same as I.

The ‘kit’ I am putting up today is the result of March’s Colour Challenge at Magickal Scraps. Snowy gave us a color palette and asked us to create a layout, kit, or a QP, relating to a walk along the beach or coast. She gave a beautiful example of walking on the beach. Bingo! It all came to gether for me. Run-a-way to the Beach! LOL I hope someone can use it.

The Elements
(Click on Image to Download)

The Papers:
(Click on Image to Download)

Have a blessed day! Thank you for looking.