Inspiration – Wysocki Style

I have been so busy learning Photoshop and gathering up resources, as well as add-ons to the program, like plug-ins, patterns, styles, etc, that I haven’t really relaxed and just designed. The only time I have has been for the challenges at Magickal Scraps forum. In fact, I got down right carried away for Miss Edna’s Inspiration Challenge.
For March’s Inspiration Challenge, we were given this image, by Charles Wysocki:

The idea is to do either a layout or a scrap kit from the inspiration you get from the image. I took the colors in the image and created a little mini-kit. The ‘painting’ is one of a collection of Wysocki’s rendering of rural life around the turn and the early part of the century. This one is “Haberdashery”. Wysocki, a commercial illustrator, created many primitive/Americana works during his career, which, sadly, ended in 2002, with his passing. His placement of the American flag in every piece he painted won his works popularity in a post-Vietnam time, when patriotism was at a low point. In charge of his own career, he opened his own gallery and worked out a mass-marketing campaign of his works on calendars, cards, jigsaw puzzles and needlepoint, to name a few. The Wysocki family still maintains his gallery in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

Fow more on C. Wysocki and a view of his many works of art go to

There is only one download. Click on either image.

Thank you for looking!


One thought on “Inspiration – Wysocki Style

  1. Hi Su,This is terrific. I love how you have taken this picture and made it your own by designing the kit. I am actually in awe of what you do. I Keep telling myself that one day the creative juices will start flowing again. Miss that side of craft as I always loved making my own designs whether it be patchwork, knitting or any other craft I was into at that time.


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