Presenting: Man and Wife

Friday, April 10, 2009, my only son, Nicholas, betrothed himself to his sweetheart, Danielle, in a civil ceremony in the courthouse, here. A second marriage for the bride, the couple chose a casual ceremony. Their smiles were all the ‘decorations’ needed.
There was just a slight moment of “the nerves”:

They exchanged their vows to one another:

Made a promise to one another with rings:

Then, sealed it all with a kiss:


I was the one filming this and was crying so hard, that is why the couple came to the camera person at the end. I just let the camera drop and hugged my son and his new wife.

That all took place on Friday. It was on Saturday that we celebrated with a party. Those photos, as well as, lots of layouts to come. LOL

Thanks for looking and letting me share this special time in my life.

I also would like to say,

Welcome to the family, Danielle!




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