Party Pictures – Nick and Danielle’s Wedding

On Saturday, after the marriage on Friday of my son and his new wife, we celebrated with family, friends, food and libations, in the back yard of my home, the home where the children grew up.

My youngest daughter decorated and the oldest daughter prepared all the food. The decorations were bright and cheery, in deep, rich, spring colors, rather than pastels. Spring is a “new beginning” time in my household. All of the “new” celebrations have come together, for us, at this time: Easter, Spring and the marriage, a new beginning for 6 lives. (The bride is a mommy to 4 children.)

The food was scrumptious. My daughter provided snack-type goodies, two types of chicken wings, veggie platters, deviled eggs, several types of chips and dips for each. She had these ‘corn dog bites’ that were perfect. Canned drinks, “my iced-tea”, a keg, provided by my son’s boss, and a “phantom” bottle of rum, rounded out the refreshments. A truly ‘typical’ southern party.

Family and frineds offered up toast to the new couple, all toasting to their happiness and good fortune.

And, then, there was the cake……

Or, rather, what they did with the cake. LOL

I will only show you a snapshot of the frivalry of the bride and groom ‘sharing’ a bite of cake. LOL Some folks just might not understand the video. LOL Let’s just say, she sure can run! LOL
(The little face peering up at the huge cake is that of my grand-daughter, Jaela. Even with what is about to happen, she wouldn’t leave that cake.)

The bride’s mini-van wasn’t forgotten, either:

And, a final southern, outdoor party tradition, the bonfire. We phoned the fire department, which, is where my oldest daughter is employed as a firefighter/paramedic, and got ‘permission’. It always is a good idea to take precautions.

Okay, okay! I’ll show it to you. Please, bear in mind that they were both having fun!


5 thoughts on “Party Pictures – Nick and Danielle’s Wedding

  1. I’ve been reading over your blog, and I must say that I’ve enjoyed it very much. You have a beautiful writing style, and your sense of designing style is just wonderful. So glad I’ve had this chance to meet you, my friend.Hugs, Edna B.


  2. Hi Su – I'm sorry that I'm only catching up with your blog tonight. Haven't been on the computer a lot the past 6 weeks or so – now that we are heading into winter and the days are cooling off my Fibro has been flaring.It was so lovely to read about your son's wedding. What a beautiful day. The weather was perfect too.Thanks so much for sharing the photos too. Hugs, Keryn


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