Earth Day 2009

I can’t help but wonder why there is an “earth day”. Christmas, and some of the other ‘special days’, are in celebration of a birth or a death or some date in time that has some significance. Is the anniversary of Earth Day significant? I guess this is a day to acknowledge all we do during the year. For being Eco-minded is a 24/7/365 happening. It can’t be done only one day of the year. My goodness! This planet would be totally ravaged if not for so many folks trying to ‘go green.’ For the first time that I remember, ecology is the cool thing to do. How far one goes with it is entirely up to the individual.

There are ‘tree-huggers’, but, then, there are also the folks who recognized a problem and speak out against it, drawing necessary attention to the problem. A major example is in the factory waste that used to be dumped right out in to some of our country’s precious land and water supplies. Does “Erin Brockovich” ring a bell? If not for outspoken folks like Erin, who knows how many more lives would be lost or irreparably damaged.

Going green, ecology, whatever name one ascribes to it, has not always been an acceptable way of living. Until the global warming evidence began to alert people to the dire situation, I don’t think many people took green-living serious enough to do any good. It was a pain to separate all your garbage before putting it out for recycling. Paper cups and plates were sure convenient – no dishes to wash. Not to mention they are more sanitary and cut down on spreading flu germs. You have to weigh out the differences between paper napkins and cloth towelettes. The towels must be washed, using energy and water. Napkins are sanitary, easily disposed and do break down easily in the environment. But, there is energy used on a much larger scale at the factories where the paper napkins are made. Decisions! Decisions! It has me going in circles sometimes!

Any time we alter a way of living, until we are accustomed to it, it will put one out a bit. But, that is what is needed – change! Not in one’s degree of their green living, but, in their inner belief system. It is a life style. You have to really believe you are making a difference to feel good about it. The pattern will follow. Any actions you take to recycle, reuse and mind the environment, is good. It may seem so small, but, if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever get accomplished. It is the accumulation of many small deeds that amount to drastic changes.

Earth Day isn’t exactly the celebratory event that the other special occasions and holidays are, but, it is still as good a time as any to evaluate your own habits and see if there is room for improvement. Then, ‘celebrate’ this every single day!

2 thoughts on “Earth Day 2009

  1. Thank you very much for your comment at Art Across Boundaries. I’m glad you like my work. Your blogs are very interesting. I’ll celebrate Earth day with you. Have a good weekend.


  2. I agree that change takes time. It’s a matter of people thinking about the ways we do things. Mind you the disposable age is relatively new. I remember when I was little they didn’t even have tissues here in UK!! The nose sort I mean, lol!!I recycle a lot of my waste as we have seperate bins provided for paper, tin etc so that part is easy…I need to work on the rest!!Have a great day!June


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