Merry Beltane

Merry Beltane!

Blessed May Day, everyone! What a perfect day for heralding the earth and her bounties and to welcome all new living things. After the long, dark winter, earth awakens to go forth and procreate. In both, the animal and the plant kingdoms, new life springs up everywhere. This is a time of hope and promise of good things to come.

Today was a day of promise. It was beautiful, here, in Florida. There’s been a nice breeze and it is sunny and warm. I spent some time out of door, today. I took a walk about my property. I relished the abundance of growth. It begs to be clipped back, but, I like the way it thrives along side the next. It is like poetry in motion. Clip it? No way!

While walking around the garden, my faithful dog, Chelsea, following along nearby, I gathered a few sprigs and flowers in a basket. Nothing in particular. We haven’t had much rain, so, the once abundant early spring flowers are dried and shriveled beyond recognition. But, I managed to find a few offerings to take in with me.

I settled down on a blanket and, one by one, pulled each of the sprigs out and ‘studied’ it. I took notice of the stems and leaves, how they grew and the variations in color and texture. Mother earth is just amazing! This planet is covered with multitudes of species, both flora and fauna. There are so many different kinds of both. Some, we have never laid eyes upon. Yet, each one is unique. Even within a species, the range of differences, even within one particular family, is just staggering.

In all the vastness of difference, one thing remains a constant – life-energy. This is the one thing all living beings and organisms possess. It is within our realm of understanding to acknowledge that we have an edge on most other living beings. We have the ability to knowingly, and purposefully, use this energy for good. Where most organisms have built-in mechanisms to protect the species, so to speak, we have the ability to manipulate, not only our own lives, but, those of the rest of the living things, as well.

It is an awesome responsibility, we have. It is our duty to live peacefully alongside all other organisms. We understand when something is wrong and have the chance to correct it, or try, at least. We have to take care of this earth while it is in our charge. Instead of taking so that we might flourish alone, we should be doing all that we can possibly do to assure to longevity of life of all the other living organisms with which we share the earth.

As I touched each sprig of green I took from the basket, I found joy in the knowledge that these plants are here. Overbearing vines, fine by me. A bent and sagging bottle brush tree, I’ll prop it up. A one-sided dogwood tree, I see the good side from my kitchen window. Whatever it takes, I am pleased and grateful for every living thing I see around me. I feel truly blessed to share the air with some of the raggediest, most mismatched assortment of flora one could lay eyes upon. But, then, they probably feel the same way about me. LOL

So, here’s to all the living things on earth! May we share this space in harmony and flourish, side by side.

Happy May Day!

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