Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

I am doing fine. Everyone is well and all of us are in good spirits. Oh, there is always room for improvement, but, I am doing alright. I guess you know that, though, don’t you. I can’t hide my heart from you, can I? I miss you, Momma! It has been so long since we put our arms around each other and comforted each other. It has been so long since I could call you on the phone and talk to you about my own children. I miss that. I miss you.

I’m so glad that we had the time together that we had before you left. It was amazing. Growing up and for most of my adult life, I never understood you. You probably didn’t understand me, either. LOL (That means Laughing Out Loud, Mom.) But, when we finally came to an understanding, things sure were great! I could barely recall a time before this that you took me in your arms and told me you love me. But, after we came together, every time we saw each other was such a treat. You were generous, then, with your hugs and affection.

I hope you like it where you live, now. Dad should be near by. Tell him ‘hello’ for me. We both have been through so much as women, wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters. There is so much happiness in our lives, yet, there has been so much heartbreak. You left the heartbreak behind when you crossed over. I’m glad. I am still here, dealing with the ways of the world and the people in it. It hurts, sometimes. But, I go on. I have to. Like you, I have children to look after. You were right, just because the kids are grown and out of the house, doesn’t mean a mother will stop worrying. A lot of what you told me, I can see it now. LOL

The children came over today and we had a lovely dinner of steak, rice pilaf and 7-layer salad. My family loves that stuff! Kristi didn’t come, though. She hasn’t called me, yet, either, Momma. That hurts so much, yet, there is not one thing I can do. All I can do is continue to love her and hope she comes around. I would sure hate to see her and I alienated for long. You and I did that and look what we missed. Life is too short. It would be far better for her to swallow her pride and let us move on. Until she does, though, it will just be the other two children and myself.

I should go. I’ve cried myself silly, Mom. LOL I will talk to you soon. Perhaps, tonight, in my blessings. I miss you and I love you.


5 thoughts on “Dear Mother

  1. This is beautiful Su.But if we want we can speak to our mother, if we feel the need. Only in a different way. But I am sure it will be heard and in some way we get help if it is really needed. Only we don;t recognize it always as such! Not quickly. If you had a good bond with your parents, you will always miss them, no matter your age.And now I ask you to hop to my blog on today’s post(15th of May) to pick up an award.HugsKyra


  2. Oh Su, this is so beautiful. I am finding things getting difficult with mum now – she is 76 (& dad is 80) but I try to be so patient with her as I know that I may not have her around for too many more years. Your post has made me appreciate her even more.Thank you….Keryn x x x


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