Roses, Again!

Below is a photo of an embellishment on a small oval frame. The roses are made from a recipe that is not only easy, the ingredients are usually available.

Quite simply, one trimmed slice of white bread and one teaspoon of regular white glue. How easy is that? The bread, mixed with a little glue, creates a clay-like material, vaguely similar to the polymers on the market. Once it is left to dry for a day or so, you have an embellishment for a frame, a wreath, box-lid, an ornament, whatever, that is quite durable and lasts a long time.

To get the color I have in mine, I added some acrylic craft paint, in the colors of my liking, to the ‘dough’. Once the roses hardened, they had the extra resiliency of acrylic. They could also be painted after dried. I haven’t tried it, but, I’m sure food dye would gather similar results.

As for making the roses, if I can do it, anyone can! LOL But, take a look at these easy “7-petal rose” directions. It is made from a series of small, flat cirles, overlapped as they are wrapped. Fiddle around with it until you get a flower that you like.

One of the reasons for me posting something of this nature, is that school is going to be out for the summer, here, on Friday. Now, my three are grown. But, my grandchildren, particularly my grandson, Nicky, will be around a lot for the vacation. He’s 6, going on 15, and it’s the daycare school, or me. LOL He gets bored easily. I try to have some treat for him when he is here. We bake brownies or cookies with sprinkles we made out of sugar and food coloring. It does me good – I mean, him – it does him good to spend the time doing something like this together. Making memories!

The other reason that I posted this is that I wanted to show it to a new friend. Jordiann Cates, of Weblog Jordiann, who creates the fanciest and cutest designs, has a freebie on her blog that reminded me of these clay flowers. Her orchids are absolutely gorgeous! You should give her blog a read. She has a fiendishly wonderful sense of humor and offers quite a variety of subjects, all of extreme interest to this reader, as well as the freebies. Plus, you have got to read about White. (stifling a snicker) She really knows how to weave a yarn in to a fascinating tale. You should read her description of a kit! Pure poetry! LOL She has a way with words that just keeps me reading.

I have some really great news! It is going to have to wait, though. I have already taken up too much time. Also, I want to present it in it’s own post – tomorrow. I do hope you’ll stop by. So, until next time…

Thank you for your visit today.


One thought on “Roses, Again!

  1. How great is that…you make it sounds so easy and the roses are gorgeous!! I can’t believe they are bread.Thanks for sharing the info.I am off to checkout Weblog Jordiann..sounds like my sort of blog!! Thanks for the link Su.Have a wonderful weekend. My affirmation for this weekend is “Relax and create”…we’ll see how far I get, lol!!


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