Come Together Kit

Have a look! This is “Come Together”. The kit, itself, came about as a challenge over at Magickal Scraps. Snowy comes up with the BEST challenges. But, the theme of the challenges are what makes Magickal Scraps an entity unto itself. This one is on the theme of flower meanings/color meanings in weddings. Actually, we were at liberty to use whatever colors/flowers held the right meaning for us. Researching this information was pure pleasure. I LOVE FLOWERS! I was having a ball! I found it sweet of Snowy to present this kind of challenge, in part, to go along with my son’s recent wedding.
Which leads me to this: The biggest significance to the creation of this kit and what fired the creativity and passion behind this kit is the recent marriage of my son and his sweetheart. That post is HERE. There was not a strict color scheme for the wedding party as it was very casual. It was the bride’s second marriage, so, she was all for comfort and leisure. She loves bright colors, though. So, from the cake, the serving pieces and the decorations to this kit, unconventional colors for a wedding were the focus. I mean, we love flowers, and they come in such a wide variety of colors. It’s hard not to get colorful.

So, anyway, without further hesitation, here is the kit. It is pretty big – I really got carried away. I could not begin to get all of the goodies into the previews, There is a lot more not shown. Where there are several colors of one pattern, I only show one color. The remaining colors are in the files.


Elements feature “Grandma’s Vintage Ephemera Brushes 2”, from Barb Speck @ Natural Designs in Scrapbooking.
Barb Speck Designs Blog

(Click on image to go to download)
(Click on image to go to download)
(Click on image to go to download)

There are 3 files for the papers. Click these links for each:

Papers 1

Papers 2

Papers 3

I hope you like. Thank you for looking.

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