Botanicals Project

Botanicals are really popular – as always. From the early diagrams of plants and flowers, to the current herbal remedy interests, images of plants and flowers have been popular with the wealthy and the poor, the artistic, even the school child. Who doesn’t love the flora of this earth? Which brings me around to “mother earth” and all her bounty. This time of the season is when everything is sprouted and blooming, or well on their way towards harvest. The earth is replenished with life-sustaining flora. Folks who are in to ‘mother’ and her flora often celebrate her and all she represents.
Over at Magickal Scraps, we are celebrating ‘dear ol’ mom’ with a series on botanicals, as a challenge. The Botanical Project is in it’s second month as a challenge in the forum there. We do 5 botanicals at a time. A,B,C,D, and E, made up the first month. This month we are doing F,G,H,I, and J. The results from the ladies there are fabulous! Visit Magickal Scraps Forum and see for yourself.

Then, sit back and enjoy all the pretties. Here is my part of this project. Each ‘letter’, F,G,H,I, and J, is in it’s own file. Click on the images to go to Mediafire.



JASMINE“Immortelle” turned out to be quite large. Hopefully, there is everything one needs within.

There are also “notes” pages that go with this ‘kit’. There are 5 pages, blank, other than the decorations, for writing a note or even adding a photo. These are all in one file for downloading.

There you are! You can never have enough flowers, eh? LOL

Thank you for your interest. I just realized I forgot to put my TOU’s in the files. Oh, darn! Ah, well, other than someone taking them and selling my files, I really do not concern myself with this. Share and share alike!

As always,


(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)

4 thoughts on “Botanicals Project

  1. Thank you Su for sharing more of your wonderful designs. I just love your flowers and yes, I agree with you – you can never have too many flowers. Big hugs to you, Keryn x


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