Whimsical Freebie

Here’s hoping that everyone is well and in good spirits. Things went really good today, until about 5:00. LOL Everything seems to go screwy when you least expect it, you know? The internet started going slower and slower. It took me almost an hour to upload about 5 elements into a preview. Then, my daughter and grandchildren came over. What a circus that was! They commenced to scream and got in to everything. I have to change the linens on my bed. Punch got spilled on them. Then, I forgot to place my label on the front of my previews. I went back and added one to each, but, for some reason, one of the previews doesn’t have a label now. I have no idea what could have happened. I know I am almost crazy from the insanity! LOL

So, I finished a kit for Magickal Scraps‘ Color Challenge. The theme was “whimsical” and I had the best time doing it. I got a little silly, but, it turned out fairly well, anyway. (There is a little surprise element that I made in the file.) I must learn to make the kits a bit smaller. I get so carried away. I do have a lot of fun and have learned a lot in doing the ones I have done. Every time I scrap or design I learn something new. That makes it all worthwhile!

Here are the previews. Click on each of the images to go to MediaFire to download. There are two files, elements and papers. I sure hope someone can use it and that all of you enjoy it.

Thank you so very much for your interest.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)


A Lady’s Parlour

I made another kit in deep purples this weekend. I worked on the Brush-It Challenge over at Magickal Scraps forum. We started with a brush set, “I Love Life” brushes by Lad of Murbah. They’re kind of doodles, with a bit of scroll element. They lent themselves to a rather interesting theme for me. I imagine a “ladies” parlour, from around the turn of the century. The counterpart to the men’s “smoking room”, or “library”, the ladies parlour was a place for the ladies to retire to, separate from the men. The men would smoke cigars and drink liquor, where the ladies sipped tea and gossipped.
The ladies “sitting room” was similar, only it was usuallt private. The ‘lady’ would entertain visitors who were personal friends or family, only, in this room. Either name, either place, the parlour was done in deep, rich colors and materials. Brocades and silks were the norm. Gold finishes on wood and intricate, scrolly patterns adorned the room. I imagine a gorgeous old space where a lady could sit back and relax, while still being pretty.

Please, share my imagination and check out “A Lady’s Parlour”.

(click on image to go to MediaFire to download 1 file – all in one)
Thank you for your interest.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)

Granny Scraps Jaela and a Freebie

If it seems like I am being really creative, it is just my distraction for the pain. Much more of this and I’ll be able to stock an entire store. LOL Sitting down to Photoshop and putting things together for a design is such a relaxing time for me. I get so in to what I am doing, I don’t notice much else. So, when the hurting gets too much, I try to occupy myself with something to keep from screaming. LOL

Anyway, I have another little mini-kit today. I was just puttering around. Purple and green are one of my favorite color combinations, so, I dabbled with them. A couple of papers, a frame overlay, several ribbons, a bow, a tag and several swirls make up this kit I call “Plum Pretty”. My granddaughter is sure ‘plum pretty’, too. LOL The pictures in the layout are of Jaela at my son’s wedding celebration. She was in her element, sitting in everyone’s lap and treating herself to the cake and goodies. She’s a cutie-pie, if I say so, myself. She sure had fun!

Plum Pretty

(Click on the kit image to go to MediaFire to download)
I apologize for any problems with this link. I think I fixed it, but, just in case, here is the link to MediaFire:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/mmmlmmh5zqz/su PlumPretty.zip

Thank you very much for visiting today. Please, do come again.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)

Freebie Scrap Kit

This is one of those BLAH times. The human body is capable of an awful lot, but, this is one of those times when it’s hard to maintain composure.


That’s what I feel like only I don’t think I could move like that. LOL My back is literally held together with plates, rods and screws. It gets me down sometimes.

I did get a little kit done for a color challenge at DigiRidoo Scraps. I like to check out new sites and theirs is not that old. The folks there are so nice! One of this month’s challenges, Design Me This Challenge, was to follow a tutorial to make some papers. Breeza, who hosted this one, started us out with some great overlays and backgrounds of her own. She showed us how to blend and adjust to get different designs. She had us doing things I had never done before to paper. LOL So, this has been a learning experience, as well as, a fun challenge.

The kit I have was made for their June Color Challenge. I thought I’d put it on here for a goody. LOL The colors are more masculine, because of Father’s Day. Included in the kit is a “greeting card/letter” for a photo. It’s full-sized, so, it can be resized. It ‘stands’ alone, so, you might want to place a background page to it. The .png file is in grey scale, so, it can also be recolored. I show it below and it can be downloaded by itself.

(Click on the image above to go to Mediafire for download)

That is my grandson, Nicky, when he lost his first tooth.

Now, I give you the mini-kit:

(Click on image to go to download at Mediafire)

As you can see, the Envelope is in the kit, so, you don’t need to download it separately, unless you just want to. LOL I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for your interest.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)