Introducing – Safe Harbor Paranormal Investigations

Last week, I mentioned that I had some news. Well, I think it is okay to let it out now. I’m a member of a “paranormal research” group and we just got our new website off the ground! We were all a part of one group, which, due to situations beyond her control, was closed by the owner recently. Several folks went out and started up a brand new team and website. I joined them in their venture. We’re still looking for folks to assist in investigations. Things are going so fast that, with four of us trying to do everything, we are just swamped!
The team is located in the Tampa Bay area, with some plans already in motion for expanding elsewhere in the southeastern USA. Upon learning of a possible haunting, or, at least, some kind of unusual “activity”, the team is called in to investigate. There are various types of equipment, cameras, voice recorders, meters that measure fluctuations in the electro-magnetic fields, even a device that turns indistinguishable ghostly sounds into words you can understand. They are all unique, in some way, to “ghost-hunting” and have generated interesting results when tested.

It’s believed that ghosts are people who have passed, yet, for any number of reasons, haven’t crossed-over. They may have a purpose still, or perhaps, they don’t know they have passed away. Then, there are hauntings, which tend to be like a repetative motion, such as sweeping the floor, over and over, like a looped tape. The object and/or person, repeated the action so often in life, the energy remains. This is a ‘residual’ haunting.

Whatever the case, when a family, or others, experience some kind of suspected paranormal activity, they often need help. This is where a team, like ours, comes in. We look for quite a few different things which have a history of indicating the possibility of something ghostly or otherwise. From there, if it is determined to be a possibility, the family is helped in dealing with their activity and, where possible, measures are taken to end the activity. Prmiarily, our particular team’s function is to learn all we can about the paranormal. There are some very good folks who are extremely well-equipt to deal with the spirits. In many cases, they can be helped to cross over, bringing peace, at last, to both the spirit and the homeowner.

The folks I have the pleasure of ‘working’ with are all experienced in their field. Each person is a wealth of information and all bring experiences worthy of a new book. There is something special, to me, about people who believe in something not many people believe in. Their belief is so strong that they spend evenings and weekends, walking about in dark, scary places, receiving no pay for such services, in hopes of helping some wayward soul or an harried homeowner.

If you are interested in this, check out the website. There are some investigation reports worth reading. We are still in the building stage, so, pardon our dust.

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Thank you for your interest.


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