A Lady’s Parlour

I made another kit in deep purples this weekend. I worked on the Brush-It Challenge over at Magickal Scraps forum. We started with a brush set, “I Love Life” brushes by Lad of Murbah. They’re kind of doodles, with a bit of scroll element. They lent themselves to a rather interesting theme for me. I imagine a “ladies” parlour, from around the turn of the century. The counterpart to the men’s “smoking room”, or “library”, the ladies parlour was a place for the ladies to retire to, separate from the men. The men would smoke cigars and drink liquor, where the ladies sipped tea and gossipped.
The ladies “sitting room” was similar, only it was usuallt private. The ‘lady’ would entertain visitors who were personal friends or family, only, in this room. Either name, either place, the parlour was done in deep, rich colors and materials. Brocades and silks were the norm. Gold finishes on wood and intricate, scrolly patterns adorned the room. I imagine a gorgeous old space where a lady could sit back and relax, while still being pretty.

Please, share my imagination and check out “A Lady’s Parlour”.

(click on image to go to MediaFire to download 1 file – all in one)
Thank you for your interest.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)

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