Whimsical Freebie

Here’s hoping that everyone is well and in good spirits. Things went really good today, until about 5:00. LOL Everything seems to go screwy when you least expect it, you know? The internet started going slower and slower. It took me almost an hour to upload about 5 elements into a preview. Then, my daughter and grandchildren came over. What a circus that was! They commenced to scream and got in to everything. I have to change the linens on my bed. Punch got spilled on them. Then, I forgot to place my label on the front of my previews. I went back and added one to each, but, for some reason, one of the previews doesn’t have a label now. I have no idea what could have happened. I know I am almost crazy from the insanity! LOL

So, I finished a kit for Magickal Scraps‘ Color Challenge. The theme was “whimsical” and I had the best time doing it. I got a little silly, but, it turned out fairly well, anyway. (There is a little surprise element that I made in the file.) I must learn to make the kits a bit smaller. I get so carried away. I do have a lot of fun and have learned a lot in doing the ones I have done. Every time I scrap or design I learn something new. That makes it all worthwhile!

Here are the previews. Click on each of the images to go to MediaFire to download. There are two files, elements and papers. I sure hope someone can use it and that all of you enjoy it.

Thank you so very much for your interest.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)

10 thoughts on “Whimsical Freebie

  1. Su you have done it again..a tremendous kit!!Your house sounds so like mine…never a dull moment, especially when your busy. It's amazing how many people come out of the woodwork when I need a quiet moment, lol!! But I love it really!!Thank you again for sharing your talent!


  2. Hi there Su. Missed you at the chat last night(for me it's almost night, LOL). Hope you;'re doing alright? Sweetie I have another award for you waiting on my blog. I don;t know why, but I almost get snowed over with them lately, LOL. Have to say I love it! See you around! hugsKyra


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