Just When You Thought I Was Done…

I told you in an earlier post that I had been going to town on designing this month. Before my medical odyssey, I had some good drugs. LOL I just sat and created away! I went really crazy, and whimsical. Go figure. LOL
So, I have a kit I made for the Color Challenge over at DigiScrapObsession – “Second Glances”. This month at DSO will go down in history as the month there were two ‘color challenges’. You just have to go there and see for yourself, if you don’t already know. LOL I used ephemera and made quite a few things for this little kit. The colors were inspiring!

Click on each preview to go to MediaFire to download.

I still have things to post, but, for now, I must rest. LOL

I hope you enjoy. TOU’s are on the side. Thank you for your interest!


15 thoughts on “Just When You Thought I Was Done…

  1. Hello Su,So glad to read your rambling on, because it means you are feeling a lot better! Oh gosh, I thought I could go on sometimes in a blog post, but you DO BEAT ME! LOL. Don;t take that bad, I admire your writing skills!Okay, I leave you to rest again, just thouht a little writing from me was about time. Have a great day, take care!HugsKyra


  2. P.S. Forgot to tell you I took the link for the tarot cards(I don;t know almost anything about tarot) I just was curious what would come out. I think it's a pretty good description of me, you can see it on my blog.Bye bye


  3. Beautiful kit!! Got the papers, but am having trouble getting the elements. MediaFire just keeps going to the original page and saying to click here to download. When I click it goes back to the same page. I really love the elements in this kit, but can't get to them!!


  4. Hi Su, so pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better and can spend some time at your 'puter.Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful kit with us. I love you designs and the way you seem to put a bit of you into them. Just gorgeous.


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