Siggy Bling, Free Course and a Freebie

Seems as though I am following a pattern. I blog at the end of the month when I have finished the challenges. This month, things have been different, but, here I am, nearly at the end of August. Sheesh! I had some issues with my back, which were “fixed”, then, lightning hit and my motherboard began smoking. LOL I was off line for almost a week! That was horrible! I didn’t know what to do with myself! LOL

By the time I got settled back down with everything, I set about creating. I have literally done little else. The grandchildren and my daughter are living with me, now, so, there are times that I can’t do much online. But, when I do, I have been really experimenting and trying some of the design components I have saved and collected, like, actions, brushes, styles, etc. I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF!! I could try each thing, one a day, and my great-grandchildren wouldn’t finish. LOL Thank goodness for EHD’s!

My ‘training’ in Photoshop is coming along pretty good. It’s slow as I am learning as I go. There are things I haven’t learned, yet, mainly because I don’t know about them, yet. I’m good at what I already know, but, I don’t know what percentage of the program that would be. I don’t feel that I have tackled that much, so far. I have often wondered what a real-live, actual Photoshop courses were like. I could never afford to enroll in any of the courses I have seen online. I figure I’ll learn enough in my lifetime to do what I want to do. LOL

But, then, as if in answer to a prayer, I found out about a free, online Photoshop course. The course sounds fairly comprehensive and will take 6 months. The classes are once a week. This one starts September 3. Click on the image below to go to this site:

It is easy to sign up. The page will tell you what you need to do if you are interested.

There are a couple of things I want to share. First, my name in my ‘siggy’. Isn’t that sweet? A dear lady, whom I have made friends with online, made it for me. DonnaK, who has a store at ‘Elegant Scraps’, made me one in each color of “bling”. I thought I’d experiment with siggies, so, the one below may change. LOL (Isn’t that half the fun of blogging?) I thought I’d make a new siggy, incorporating the bejewelled name in it. Fun! Donna is starting up a store of her own, but, for now, she can be found at Elegant Scraps and her Yahoo group, C U Only. She also has a webpage at ShareCG. Donna is the lady I wrote of in an earlier post who gives you her designs in the group. Her terms are very liberal. And, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

I’m going to have to cut off, here, but, not without a little goodie.

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