Free 6-Month Photoshop Course a No-Go

In case anyone is interested, you didn’t miss anything with the “Free 6-Month Photoshop Class”.  Or, I should say, you missed everything!  The people who offered this course over-registered too many people.  For a class with a limit of 1000, my Thursdays have been spent trying to get logged in first.  Taking a chance that my slot was still available, I had to make repeated attempts to log in, only to not succeed.  I’m sure as hell glad I didn’t put out good money.  They would be giving me a refund, this afternoon!  This class was to be on “Masks”.  It was full, though, so, whatever!

I’m so let down.  I really want to take a good Photoshop course so I can learn more about the program.  Now, I need to start over in my search for another course.  Hopefully, I can find one that isn’t going to be hit-or-miss with logging in each week.  It just boggles the mind that these people can treat folks like this.  It’s WRONG!  They offered a course, I entered into an agreement to take it, and they didn’t keep their end of the ‘bargain’!  Bad business! 
Anyone know of a good Photoshop course?
Su(Sorry, but, this has ruined my day)


2 thoughts on “Free 6-Month Photoshop Course a No-Go

  1. Oh sorry to hear about your course Su. That really does suck … you would think they would have been more organised. I don't know of any PS courses. It's a shame they don't work on the principal which Photo Impact uses. Theirs is great as it's free, each student is allocated a mentor who guides them through the 96 lessons. The only drawback is that you have to wait until a mentor is available as they donate their time as there are only a limited number. However I only had to wait a couple of weeks before I was accepted.


  2. I'm glad you said that about this course, as I was giving it some thougt. If you do find another one that is good for PS, let me know. There is so much I want to learn. Most of my stuff has been learned by asking, etc. Plus I took a couple of “paid for” classes on line.Congrats on being asked to write an article. I will look forward to reading it. See you at the chat tonight. Hugs, Edna.


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