Hallow’een Freebie & Crone Ceremony

Everywhere I look, both, outdoors and on the web, I see signs of Hallow’een.  Spooks and witches, plump jack-o-lanterns, and all that orange and black!  I love this time of year!  I love the ‘anonymity’ of the costume.  Somehow, being ‘in cognito’, I think we feel we can get away with more.  So, we become playful.  At least, I do.  LOL  The time for the year to draw to a close is upon us. too.  The harvest has been plentiful and we are grateful.  We prepare for the dark months of winter, to sustain us until the new birth of spring. 

As with this, the fall of the year, so is it the time for the crone to pass on, to be reborn in the spring as the maiden.  Women, around my age, celebrate their own ‘rite of passage’.  There is a ceremony one can engage in, for one’s own personal understanding, which celebrates this rite of passage.  There is an example of the ritual on “Hecate’s Cauldron”.  
This is something I want to do.  It should be done on a full moon, the next which comes October 26th.  It will have a special meaning for me, particularly, at this time of the year.  This isn’t so much a ‘religious’ thing as it is a ‘spiritual’ thing.  I have come to a time in my life where I can make some sense of my purpose.  This is all coming together for me and I am at peace.  
And, while I’m feeling all gooshy, and stuff, I have something I want to share.  In the spirit of the season, I made some ‘frame/tag/mattes”.  LOL  I have this thing about text-space in scrapbooking.  Tags, journal blocks, places to record the story, or, at least, the who, where, when…etc., seem, to me, to be neglected, rather often.  I do it.  But, they are so helpful in documenting your stories.  Future generations will only have to stare at the nameless faces in our albums, otherwise.  LOL

So, I found some frame-like shapes and dolled them up.  They’re kind of goofy, but, they are for the season.  I applied some styles and patterns, as well as, blending modes and other adjustments and had a ball.  LOL!  There is one that is ‘bloody-themed’, several patterned in checks and Harlequin design, and one dark.  I credited her in the .zip, but, I want to pay homage to “The Scrappin’ Cop”, for her Construction Paper Styles, which I used for the centers.  I realize that Deb is handling her TOU’s differently, now, but, I hope, in the spirit of the season, this will be alright.  That lady is a one-woman show!  There isn’t a scrapping element she hasn’t tackled, is there?  And, she aces everything she does.  Her designs are phenomenal!  But, you already know that, don’t you?
Here ya go!  Enjoy!

(Click on preview to go to MediaFire for download)

Have a lovely Thursday.

garfield odie tail-pull



Freebie, Webinar and Insight

 The week after I missed the course on “Masks” on the Creative Techs Webinar, they added a live chat on their site to go to in the event the Webinar is full.  I am still mad about missing that course, in particular.  But, hey, I must give credit where credit is due.  This is a damn good course and you can ask questions throughout.  So, if you would like to, go check out the Thursday afternoon 6-Month Photoshop Course.  They have broken the classes down into 5-week segments and we just started the second segment.  There are 4 more segments after this one, so, there is still a lot of information to cover.  You should be able to join in at any time the way they were explaining it.  So, I would suggest this class to you, even though I missed “Masks”.
Right?  LOL
Movin’ right along…
I have it figured all out!!  LOL  I can’t do it all!  Sounds dumb, I know.  But, I have been beating myself up every darned day, trying to catch all my e-mail, do a little challenge work, then, do some creating on my own.  Not to mention eating, sleeping and such.  I went through and ‘unsubscribed’ from some of the regular e-mails, newsletters, etc, that I don’t follow too much anymore.  I try to apply what I am learning, at the time in this course, to whatever challenge I am working on.  This kills two birds with one stone.
With my daughter and her two children living here, I don’t get much done during the time from when they come home after school and work, until they go to bed.  By then, I am so sleepy, I just give up.  Especially trying is Jaela, my granddaughter.  She’s going to be 3 tomorrow.  We are so excited.  But, then, the past month, she has been a terror!  I see that my daughter is tired most evenings after working all day.  I try to help her out.  That’s why I don’t get anything done.
The children don’t understand why Granny is in her room and not coming out.  I just can’t do that.  I have!  There have been times where I have gone running back to my rooms, slamming and locking the door behind me.  They don’t happen often, but, sheesh! There is a reason women my age don’t get pregnant.  Though, I do have a lot more patience than I did when my own three were small, they are too much for me after about 4 hours.  The other child, Nicky, my grandson, is 7.  He’s a lot easier to deal with.  Yet, he and his sister will constantly go at it.  Just like all kids do with siblings.  LOL.
I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though!  I so looked forward to my ‘retirement’ years, but, this is children we are talking about!  LOL  I realized that, though divorced from my children’s father, I always had someone else around me to help me raise my three.  I had a second husband and was close to my family, my sister and mom.  But, my daughter is doing it all alone.  So, I don’t mind helping her out when I can.
In January, my son and his wife are expecting a little boy.  I am the grandparent, locally.  LOL  My DIL’s family is in Ohio and she hasn’t been living here very long.  Did I mention that she has 4 children, already?  LOL  My children’s father is passed away, so is their step-father.  Both, my parents and their other set are all passed, too.  So, soon, I will be  “grandma-ed” to the seventh power!  The point being, that I had some preconceived notion that, once the children were grown, I was free to do what ever I wanted.  Not hardly!  Life still went on.  Bills still had to be paid.  My children still needed mom to discuss life with them.  Now that they are having families of their own, that is a whole new set of rules to play by and lessons to be learned.  Just don’t take me for granted!  LOL!
I know now that I was sorely mistaken.  I suppose I could ‘cut them off ‘ more than I do.  They are an huge part of my life.  I’d get more done.  But, we are extremely close because we enjoy each other’s company.  I have things that I do, scrapping, classes, blogging, etc, so, I am not an ‘over-involved’ granny.   I have a pretty good time with the little ones when we are doing things together.
I just finished with a set of frames/tags, made  from Wingdings, for the Design/Technique Challenge over at Magickal Scraps.  One thing I always seem to have problems with is coming up with tags, or journaling blocks, that are original.  Since the Wingdings, you may know them as Dingbats, were of frames and borders, I made frames and tags/journalling blocks.  You are welcome to these and to use as you like.  Click on image to go to MediaFire to download.
I used “Gold Layer Styles” from Karen @ WoolSweaterStreet.

And, that is going to do it for today.  I have some other stuff that will be done shortly.  As always,



Freebie – Magickal Wood QP

Though the Magickal Scraps Birthday Celebration Blog Train started yesterday, (last post)I have another layout that I did for the Chat Challenge at Magickal Scraps.


Removing my image and some wording that suited my needs, I’m left with a rather simple, but, nice, QP. (click on image to go to MediaFire to download)

I thank you for your interest!Su

Hallwe’en Alpha Freebie

Halloween is coming on October 31.  Most folks know of the origin of this special day here in the States and elsewhere.  During this time of year, it is believed, the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest.  On, or around Halloween, spirits of those who have passed before us may return among the living for visits.  Unfortunately, evil spirits may get through, as well.  People dress up in disguises so that the evil spirits that roam the earth won’t recognize them.  Thus, the Halloween costume.

 For some fun things to do online for Halloween, click on image:

 While scoping out graphics and other goodies to post on my blog for Halloween, I came across a really cool font, 101 ‘ween, .  It was so unusual, I decided to create an alpha from the font.  Here is what I made:

I found the font on Halloween.it(That is their banner up at the very top of this page)  I went ahead and saved them in a file and uploaded them to MediaFire.  I sure hope it is okay to do this.  I read the TOU’s and I think I am doing it right.    Included in the file are my TOU’s AND the TOU’s of the designer.  Please, pay heed to the designer’s TOU’s before mine.  They are not anything weird, I just want them to get the credit.  I just had to share a cool find with you all.  Give credit where credit is due.  Thank you!
That’s all for now.  My last post has all the links and specials for the Magickal Scraps Birthday Celebration.  You can find that post HERE.  There are a lot of goodies!  There is the Blog Train, a free collaboration kit that you download a piece from the store each day, and, last but not least, the Daily Download. I found this cartoon and thought it was cute!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Thank you for your interest!