Freebie, Webinar and Insight

 The week after I missed the course on “Masks” on the Creative Techs Webinar, they added a live chat on their site to go to in the event the Webinar is full.  I am still mad about missing that course, in particular.  But, hey, I must give credit where credit is due.  This is a damn good course and you can ask questions throughout.  So, if you would like to, go check out the Thursday afternoon 6-Month Photoshop Course.  They have broken the classes down into 5-week segments and we just started the second segment.  There are 4 more segments after this one, so, there is still a lot of information to cover.  You should be able to join in at any time the way they were explaining it.  So, I would suggest this class to you, even though I missed “Masks”.
Right?  LOL
Movin’ right along…
I have it figured all out!!  LOL  I can’t do it all!  Sounds dumb, I know.  But, I have been beating myself up every darned day, trying to catch all my e-mail, do a little challenge work, then, do some creating on my own.  Not to mention eating, sleeping and such.  I went through and ‘unsubscribed’ from some of the regular e-mails, newsletters, etc, that I don’t follow too much anymore.  I try to apply what I am learning, at the time in this course, to whatever challenge I am working on.  This kills two birds with one stone.
With my daughter and her two children living here, I don’t get much done during the time from when they come home after school and work, until they go to bed.  By then, I am so sleepy, I just give up.  Especially trying is Jaela, my granddaughter.  She’s going to be 3 tomorrow.  We are so excited.  But, then, the past month, she has been a terror!  I see that my daughter is tired most evenings after working all day.  I try to help her out.  That’s why I don’t get anything done.
The children don’t understand why Granny is in her room and not coming out.  I just can’t do that.  I have!  There have been times where I have gone running back to my rooms, slamming and locking the door behind me.  They don’t happen often, but, sheesh! There is a reason women my age don’t get pregnant.  Though, I do have a lot more patience than I did when my own three were small, they are too much for me after about 4 hours.  The other child, Nicky, my grandson, is 7.  He’s a lot easier to deal with.  Yet, he and his sister will constantly go at it.  Just like all kids do with siblings.  LOL.
I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though!  I so looked forward to my ‘retirement’ years, but, this is children we are talking about!  LOL  I realized that, though divorced from my children’s father, I always had someone else around me to help me raise my three.  I had a second husband and was close to my family, my sister and mom.  But, my daughter is doing it all alone.  So, I don’t mind helping her out when I can.
In January, my son and his wife are expecting a little boy.  I am the grandparent, locally.  LOL  My DIL’s family is in Ohio and she hasn’t been living here very long.  Did I mention that she has 4 children, already?  LOL  My children’s father is passed away, so is their step-father.  Both, my parents and their other set are all passed, too.  So, soon, I will be  “grandma-ed” to the seventh power!  The point being, that I had some preconceived notion that, once the children were grown, I was free to do what ever I wanted.  Not hardly!  Life still went on.  Bills still had to be paid.  My children still needed mom to discuss life with them.  Now that they are having families of their own, that is a whole new set of rules to play by and lessons to be learned.  Just don’t take me for granted!  LOL!
I know now that I was sorely mistaken.  I suppose I could ‘cut them off ‘ more than I do.  They are an huge part of my life.  I’d get more done.  But, we are extremely close because we enjoy each other’s company.  I have things that I do, scrapping, classes, blogging, etc, so, I am not an ‘over-involved’ granny.   I have a pretty good time with the little ones when we are doing things together.
I just finished with a set of frames/tags, made  from Wingdings, for the Design/Technique Challenge over at Magickal Scraps.  One thing I always seem to have problems with is coming up with tags, or journaling blocks, that are original.  Since the Wingdings, you may know them as Dingbats, were of frames and borders, I made frames and tags/journalling blocks.  You are welcome to these and to use as you like.  Click on image to go to MediaFire to download.
I used “Gold Layer Styles” from Karen @ WoolSweaterStreet.

And, that is going to do it for today.  I have some other stuff that will be done shortly.  As always,



4 thoughts on “Freebie, Webinar and Insight

  1. Lol- I understand too well what you mean. These kids keep you on your toes -no matter what age actually ! Take it easy and don't stress yourself out too much. Erik said the other day he's been sending you some energy -so I hope it helps a little bit with the wacky time you are are having.Hugs Snowy


  2. Hi Susan,Apologies for the off-topic comment, I'm just off to bed and noticed your comment on Cutesify.I checked the comments on another blog of mine that's using one of the 3col layouts and there wasn't a problem.Did you install the 3col minima template first? That might be your issue.Let me know how you go, and if I can help any more.Cheers -& sweet dreams ;),Jane 🙂


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