Hallow’een Freebie & Crone Ceremony

Everywhere I look, both, outdoors and on the web, I see signs of Hallow’een.  Spooks and witches, plump jack-o-lanterns, and all that orange and black!  I love this time of year!  I love the ‘anonymity’ of the costume.  Somehow, being ‘in cognito’, I think we feel we can get away with more.  So, we become playful.  At least, I do.  LOL  The time for the year to draw to a close is upon us. too.  The harvest has been plentiful and we are grateful.  We prepare for the dark months of winter, to sustain us until the new birth of spring. 

As with this, the fall of the year, so is it the time for the crone to pass on, to be reborn in the spring as the maiden.  Women, around my age, celebrate their own ‘rite of passage’.  There is a ceremony one can engage in, for one’s own personal understanding, which celebrates this rite of passage.  There is an example of the ritual on “Hecate’s Cauldron”.  
This is something I want to do.  It should be done on a full moon, the next which comes October 26th.  It will have a special meaning for me, particularly, at this time of the year.  This isn’t so much a ‘religious’ thing as it is a ‘spiritual’ thing.  I have come to a time in my life where I can make some sense of my purpose.  This is all coming together for me and I am at peace.  
And, while I’m feeling all gooshy, and stuff, I have something I want to share.  In the spirit of the season, I made some ‘frame/tag/mattes”.  LOL  I have this thing about text-space in scrapbooking.  Tags, journal blocks, places to record the story, or, at least, the who, where, when…etc., seem, to me, to be neglected, rather often.  I do it.  But, they are so helpful in documenting your stories.  Future generations will only have to stare at the nameless faces in our albums, otherwise.  LOL

So, I found some frame-like shapes and dolled them up.  They’re kind of goofy, but, they are for the season.  I applied some styles and patterns, as well as, blending modes and other adjustments and had a ball.  LOL!  There is one that is ‘bloody-themed’, several patterned in checks and Harlequin design, and one dark.  I credited her in the .zip, but, I want to pay homage to “The Scrappin’ Cop”, for her Construction Paper Styles, which I used for the centers.  I realize that Deb is handling her TOU’s differently, now, but, I hope, in the spirit of the season, this will be alright.  That lady is a one-woman show!  There isn’t a scrapping element she hasn’t tackled, is there?  And, she aces everything she does.  Her designs are phenomenal!  But, you already know that, don’t you?
Here ya go!  Enjoy!

(Click on preview to go to MediaFire for download)

Have a lovely Thursday.

garfield odie tail-pull


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