Freebie and Good Karma

It will be just one more day until I post my special goodies.  I found some more resources and had to put them in with the rest.  LOL As usual, I got carried away with designing.
I still have a little something I was playing around with for the holidays, some tags, frames and embellishments.  You have got to check out the ‘gnome’ tag.  LOL  They can be used for whatever you wish, however you wish.  I tend to make my elements quite large, so, be prepared to resize down.  Everything is at 300dpi, papers are 12×12, and elements range from 1200 to 2000 pixels, depending on the item.
Click on the image to go to MediaFire to download.
I want to say, too, that, just as I wrote yesterday, I have already been receiving support from friends around the web.  I think by me being forthright with how I am coping and what I am going through, others understand me better.  I don’t feel like I am alone.  With more folks than just myself, pulling for me, the karma is much stronger, as it is in prayer.  With that much positive energy and good thoughts, I have nothing to worry about!  LOL
Did I mention I suffer from ‘depression’?  LOL  I’ve all but written it, so, there it is.   A good many years back I went through the all the docs and tried all the meds.  Ha!  I lost a couple of years of my life, not knowing who, or what, I was.  Those psychotropic medications are wacked!  I’ve maintained on my own for the past 10 years with some help from a psychiatrist, but, very little medication.  I use meditation and positivity and anything else worth the time to try.  I keep an even keel this way!
You all are what makes my world ‘okay’.  I am truly blessed.  Peace and love, ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “Freebie and Good Karma

  1. Lol – keep going , Su- you're doing fine ! And you know we are alwyas there for you. Oh – guess what ? Shaun wants to visit Florida – you never know- you might one day get mail from us telling you we'll be coming , he heh.Hugs Snowy


  2. Hi Su,Sorry I've not been a regular visitor or blogger of late – I had good intentions but ……….. LoL. All being well I'll catch up with you properly this coming week as I'm back on the computer a bit more.Take care my friend – you are always in my thoughts. Hugs, Keryn x x


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