Freebie “Make Believe” is Finally Finished!

FINALLY!  LOL  I could keep going, adding more and more to my project, but, I have to stop sometime.  I have thoroughly had a ball doing this ‘project’.  It actually began with last month’s Color Challenge at Magickal Scraps.  Naturally, or should I say ‘lately’, I can’t seem to get anything accomplished in a timely manner.  The roller coaster ride emotions are in full swing.  LOL  Mostly swinging upwards, too!  I can’t complain.  Anyway, after the month was over and things had moved on, I had so much invested into this “kit”, I had to finish.  So, here it is, mid-December and I am finally calling it finished.
As I wrote in the last post, this idea came out of my granddaughter Jaela’s infatuation with princesses and ‘make believe’.  We come together in that respect.  I have always had my secret world of make believe, stemming from my own childhood.  A world she and I share.  We get online and find pictures of princesses and Tinkerbelle.  When we find our favorite we print it out and Jaela carries it with her the rest of the day.  LOL  She’s three years old.  For the longest time she would try to get the ‘image’ off the computer screen.  She would touch it and cry that she wanted ‘her princess’, until I got it printed and handed to her.  She still didn’t quite get how the screen got on paper.  She would look back and forth between the two.  It was cute.  She’s starting to figure things out.
Before I get to the ‘project’, I have something I made that I wanted to share.  I don’t really think it needs an explanation.  I like the spirit in which it was meant.  I hope someone likes it.  Take it and add it to your scrapbook.  It’s all yours!
(Click image to enlarge, then, right-click and select, “Save Image”.  It is 1200x1200px.)
Now, I give you “Make Believe”.  Inside this ‘project’ is a collection of images and designs that represent all the fun little objects, people and far away lands that make up my fantasy world, as well as, that of my little three-year-old granddaughter, Jaela.  It is a world we share and, so, a great way to connect to each other.  I hesitate to call it a scrapbooking “kit”.  It really isn’t, in the literal sense.  But, it does have a lot of elements and background papers.  There are a couple of bows and some of the sprinkles and flares.  Aside from that, it turns into a gallery of old-time and modern images and symbols of fairies, fairy tales, castles, even a ‘boogy man’.  Many of the images came from Granny-Art, Florjuscrap, Lenagold, and Dover, so, may be familiar.  I just want to share what is special to me and Jaela.  My gratitude to these fine sites for the use of their images.
(Links follow previews)
The previews don’t show all of the elements and papers.
Thank you for your interest.


9 thoughts on “Freebie “Make Believe” is Finally Finished!

  1. Su, This is lovely kit. Christmas is a magickal time of year. I also loved your rendition of “Yes, there is a Santa Claus, Virginia.” I'm 70 and I still believe! But then of course, I know he's real and alive.Have a fantastic holiday my friend, hugs, Edna B.


  2. XXX Thank You XXXDear One for all the time taken to create this beautiful gift for US … I'm coming back later to receive it and will enjoy sharing it with My Grandson , Jethro .Blessings for a magical day XXX


  3. Hi Su,Thanks so very very much for sharing another absolutely awesome kit. I really appreciate the work which has gone into the making of it.I also love the Santa story – how beautifully written.May you have a wonderful Christmas and may 2010 be everything that you want it to be. Many hugs, Keryn x x x


  4. hi su!Thanks so much for all the tips with the blog and stuff. I can at least get started on improving it now that i have a little direction. I will figure out some categories and hopefully add them in the next couple of days or so.cheers peata.


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