Blog Train Freebie and Nicky “Wonder”

Greetings!  I trust all is well and that everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  The children are already out of school for their winter vacation.  That, for me, means my grandchildren are around a lot more.  Now, I love my peace and quiet as much as the next person, but, the children are so special!  LOL  Grannies have patience for them when they have their ‘melt-downs’.  Grannies know just how to make a dull day exciting and fun.  Grannies seem to know just what is needed when things aren’t going right for the little ones.  Princess pictures from online, printed out in full color, seem to take away the bad in my little granddaughter’s day.  LOL  Personally, you and I both know that the saving grace isn’t the picture, at all.  It is the time we spend with them, just finding the right picture and then waiting for the printer to slowly eject the delightful image into their little hands.  I think it could be a picture of Ed McMahon, they just need that few minutes, when nothing is as important as the child and their picture.
So, in addition to having him around more for the two weeks until after the New Year, my grandson, Nicky, missed the last two days of school before their vacation with his asthma.  When possible, I keep them home with me so their Mommy can still go to work.  He probably has a bit of a cold, too, because he just coughs and ‘strangles’, which makes him gag.  Oh, it’s fun!  But, he is feeling better.  Wanna know how I know?  (giggle)  Well, Friday afternoon, their last day of school, we were hanging out in my room, playing computer games and finding the Chipmunk songs we like.  Nicky, who is 7, left my room and was gone for a few minutes.  Missing him, I went in search.  I found him, sitting in the middle of his bed, just a pounding away on his piano keyboard.  He was ROCKIN’ OUT!  His keyboard has buttons which add in different instrument sounds, depending on the type music.  He had some really jazzy beat going and was going to town, rocking side to side, playing his fingers across the keys, which didn’t sound half bad!  It brought back images of Stevie Wonder, playing the keyboard and singing one of his super hit songs.

My close friend, James, gave the keyboard to Nicky when he was only 3 or 4.  No, he’s not a child prodigy, but, when I would keep the boy on a Saturday evening for his Mommy to have a night out, I often took him with me to James’ for dinner and a movie or whatever.  James had the keyboard in his den/office where we would hang out.  He let Nicky get on the keys and play around.  One night, we noticed that this little kid, this 4-year-old, was almost making a melody, of sorts.  LOL  So, James picked up his guitar and started ‘playing along’ with Nicky. It didn’t sound half bad.  They ‘jammed’ for a while, Nicky just beaming and getting in to the ‘groove’.  With that, James decided that Nicky could possibly benefit from a chance to play music, and gave him the keyboard that Christmas.  He not only seems to have an avid interest is making his own music, he isn’t afraid to try.  I’m really looking forward to these next two weeks.
I’m going to switch topics, here.  I have something I want to share with you.   I signed up to join in to a Blog Train a few weeks ago.  Though I love to go on a good Blog Train, I had never joined in on the design part.  I made the decision to get in on this one because of the nature of the subject.  I’ve been an activist, of some degree, since my bra-burning, anti-Vietnam War, anti-discrimination, peaceful demonstrating I participated in as a young woman.  A few months back, a blog train “Against Domestic Violence” caught my attention.  (Those links are still active, by the way)  ChanniD, the lady who was behind that one, went on to add another super important ‘awareness’ to her topics of extreme wrongs needing to be righted.  This one, “Women Against Human Trafficking”, was just too much and too personal, to me, to NOT sign up.
In this day and age, with all the laws and the awareness of so many wrongs, already, this abhorrent practice is one that doesn’t really get that much attention.  Yet, the streets are literally full of perspective ‘slaves’.  The way these ‘human traffickers’ work is to snatch young girls and women right off the streets or from their own homes.  Frequently, they are transported to other countries, making escape all but impossible.  This practice is world-wide.  They are then turned into ‘sex slaves’, forced to perform acts that I prefer not to list.  This whole ‘underworld’ activity is kept hush-hush, but, the clients may surprise.  There have been instances of important public officials and major business leaders subscribing to these sick encounters.  All too often, the law treats these as “prostitution” matters rather than the serious incidents they actually are.  The girls are forced, by fear of death, either to them or their families.  Some are killed, some during the acts, themselves.  It is just horrible to even think about.  Channi has put some links on the blog where you can read more and find out what you can do.  Click on the blinkie to go there; the links are in the side-bar.


Here’s an awareness ribbon for you, if you would like.  Right click and save to drive.
The colors are deep and rich as are the beautiful contributions from the others who participated.  Here, is my part, “Out of the Dark”:
(Click on image to go to MediaFire to download)
I hope that someone enjoys using these goodies as much as I did making them.  Be sure to go visit the other ladies’ blogs that participated to collect some beautiful kits and other goodies for your scrapbooking.  Please, keep the time differences in mind, of course, and show them your gratitude, if you would, please.



For more goodies:

WAHT Blog:

I have more to write, but, it has been a long day.  We celebrated Christmas with my son’s new family, today, since the children are going to go spend their vacation with their daddies.  I’m so loving having four, soon-to-be five, more grandchildren!  My DIL has done a fine job raising her children.  They are so sweet, well-mannered and lovable!  They are just as responsive to me!  While we were together we made the plans for when the new baby, my son’s first born child, arrives.  Kaleb was due to come the end of January.  He is so huge, already, that the doctor may induce after the first of the year.  “Granny”, here, is going to look after the other children when their mom goes in to have the baby.  I’ll take them up to meet their new baby brother, as well.  We can’t have them feeling left out.

Finally, I have had this image for a few days and just had to post it.  I thought it was hilarious!

It has been a good day.  Here’s hoping yours was, too.  I hope tomorrow brings more good things.  LOL
Bless you, Pandora!



5 thoughts on “Blog Train Freebie and Nicky “Wonder”

  1. Hello Su! It reads as if you had already good times. So happy to read that! You know what, when we had a cold or a bit flue or so, my mother made something I loved to drink! Take the yellow of an egg and beat it till it almost looks white and is rather stiff, together with a big spoon of sugar! Then you warm up some milk and good hot you pour it onto the egg stuff. Stirr it well and let the kids drink that! Most of the times kids like that because it is sweet. And for us gronw ups it's good too when you have a good cold. But then you can add a bit of whisky, or cognac or rum to it. Yammie! Helps really, because it makes you sweat out. And it tastes good too. Have lovely holidays, Bug hug Kyra Oh, P.s. it's a lovely kit you made, great colours!!!


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