Holiday Greetings to My Friends, Visitors and Acquaintances

As I sit writing this, there are 49 minutes left in this day, Christmas Day.  I made it.  LOL  The ‘holidays’ are finally over for me!  That sounds awful, I know.  But, unfortunately, I cannot help but feel relieved once they are behind me.  This one was rather harsh, but, I made it and I hope everyone understands.
I have met so many wonderful people since I found my way in to the scrapbooking community.  There are as many in the area of my interest in my spirituality.  Folks have been so very kind, generous of their time and knowledge and, more than any thing, supportive of my learning, both Photoshop/scrapbooking design-wise and spiritually.
For my birthday, the other day, and for this holiday season, I have received an outpouring of gorgeous and meaningful greetings and gifts.  The senders are the most beautiful folks I have met and befriended, here, online.  I have sat down, I don’t know how many times, to post a holiday greeting for my friends and to wish them all the best holiday ever.  But, with my emotional state, I turned into a bawling fool before I could even get started good.  Now, though, with the better part of the day behind us, I feel I can do this.  LOL  Empathy is a pain in the heart!  LOL
I just want to say that the friends I have, the casual acquaintances and those who(m?) I have come to know better, are some of the most wonderful folks I have ever had the privilege of knowing!  In a way, you know little about people you meet online.  But, you also get a chance to learn a little about a person before you decide to befriend them.  Either way, those friends are special to me.  This holiday season, I have been honored to have some of the best friends in the whole wide world!
Since, by now, it is after midnight and, thus, no longer the ‘day’, and I never did get a personal note out to each of them, I just want to give a little “shout-out” to just a few good folks:
Magickal Scraps is my home.  You ladies are the most beautiful people I know!  You all have taught me so much about myself.  Thank you!  Ladies!  Cheers!
Jodiann, I love ya, Toots!  If ever there were a lady who could charm you off your tootsies, you’re the lady!  Your enthusiasm for life is amazing!  You are my driving wheel!  I thank you, sweetest!
Donna K, Bless You, dear heart!  I hope this holiday was not too hard for you.  You have been in my thoughts so much.  I wish you peace of mind and heart.  I am here.
Keryn, you are my rock, my soul friend!  You give me permission to be ‘okay’.  I love you so much for that!  With a world between our locations, I feel you are next to me, often.  I think of you a lot.  I hope you have had a good holiday.
And, Karen, Bless Your Heart!  I don’t know how you keep on going, sweet lady!  May the Light shine down on you and your loved ones, now, and always.  You deserve much happiness and I believe you will know it, once again, very soon.  It will all be okay, honey.  I love you!
There are you other folks, too, of whom I wish the very best.  I hope you received more than you ever dreamed, this holiday and that each of you find much happiness and prosperity in the New Year.
From me to you, my online friends:

I took this image over to Blingee and “Blingeed” it, too.
About Tree

Love, Light and Wishing you All Peace and Joy,


3 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings to My Friends, Visitors and Acquaintances

  1. Hi Su, I understand only too well, I sometimes find my empathy a curse.But I have found out that the worst you can do is to keep it all locked up and pretend everything is ok. Lol, if somebody would have told me I'll be sitting there on Christmas Eve in tears I would have laughed.But it happens to me as well. Every sad story, film scenes etc affects me. You can shield against outside influences, but you can't shield against yourself.But hey, there's light at the end of the tunnel-I've been told it will actually make us stronger-so let's ride it out,hey?Hugs Snowy


  2. Su, your card is absolutely beautiful! Here's hoping your “bad” days are behind you now. It's good to hear you laugh and smile when you are talking about your grandchildren and the things you do together. You have a great outlook in that department. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, and here's hoping that you have a fantastic New Year!! As for my visit to Fla, I'd love to see you. And yes, I take my laptop with me everywhere. Have a great day, Hugs, Edna B.


  3. Oh wow Su, I was totally blown away by your comments. I too feel so close to you … like a sister … and I know that should we ever meet we will just start chatting as if we have known each other for ever. Hugs from down-under – xxx


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