Freebie for a Peaceful and Joyous Eve

I come here this evening with a warm heart, a tear of joy in my eye and a smile on my face Brillo won’t take off.  I am so pleasantly happy!  My oldest child and I had a great day together today!  Both daughters, my son-in-law (I have never written that before, much less spoke it) and three of my grandchildren went to this daughter’s home for a Christmas get-together.  It was very nice.  Kristi, the daughter I have been stressing so much over, made a marvelous dinner of fresh ham, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli with cheese sauce, spicy-cheese biscuits, macaroni and cheese made in a crock pot (YUMMY!), and various goodies, cookies, pies, cheesecake (I’m seeing a theme, here – LOL) and goodness knows what I am forgetting.  Her home was so warm and homey and she was of good spirit, herself.
Kristi had gotten us each a little something, then, got the two little grandchildren a couple of nice things, each.  She gave Jaela twin Cabbage Patch Premies and to Nicky, she gave a Jacksonville Jaguars football jersey with his last name on the back.  He’s sleeping in it, now, as I write this.  LOL  I got a little ceramic Oriental lantern incense burner with a box of assorted incense cones.  But, what really put this grin on my face was the hand-made card that she had given each of us.  In mine, she had written “To New Beginnings”.  Boo-hoo!!  (Hang on, got to wipe a tear.  Okay, now, where was I?)  We’re on the mend!  We even said “I love you” to each other.  I am so happy tonite.  Blessed Be!
Since I am in such a light-hearted and happy mood, I want to give you a little kit I did, recently.  It’s flowers and it’s delicate and there is no green or red to be seen!  LOL  I give you this, “Lily of the Valley” kit.
(Click on image to go to MediaFire to download)
I must take a minute to mention just how wonderful everyone has been, particularly in spirit, this holiday season.  It must have been infectious!  LOL  Between the birthday greetings and the many holiday well-wishes I, alone, received, I know I have truly been blessed.  I received so many greetings in the form of e-mails and comments that I am still answering some of them!  I realise this activity goes on, all over, at times like this holiday.  I see it everywhere I look when I am online. But, it makes no matter, to me.  Every single word is appreciated.  The support I get is unbelievable!  I just love it!  What I thought was going to be a bad time for me this holiday has turned about and been one good blessing after another.  My faith in this world is slowly, but, surely, being restored.  I’m not so naive as to think things will stay this way, all the time, but, I can sure see how much a positive attitude plays in to a good outcome.  I owe much of my positivity to the support I get, here.  See?  I’m blessed!  LOL
Thank you for your interest and your patience in reading my insanity!  LOL



10 thoughts on “Freebie for a Peaceful and Joyous Eve

  1. Oh Suruha, what great news to read, things are turning to a good point! oh I am happy for you! Hold on to this, and yes, you are right, it will no always stay this way, it will float up and down, but really a kind of new beginning is made and that's something to be happy with! Life should become a bit easier for you, and I cross fingers that it really starts NOW. Big hug Kyra


  2. I love this Lily of the Valley kit Su. The colour combinations blend perfectly and the elements are gorgeous. So pleased to hear you had a wonderful Christmas and may 2010 continue to bring you many blessings. Love from Keryn


  3. XXX Thank You XXXDear One , for this beautiful gift !And for kind message shared …may the Angels continue to surround You and Your Family and may You and the Fae keep on shining and dancing !Have a magical 2010 !XXXXXXXX Blessings from Us All in ” Sulina ” XXXXXXXX


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