Surprise Arrival!

And, now,
For your viewing enjoyment,

After months in the making,
Arriving one month early,
All the way from Gator Nation, Florida,
(where even our coaches can’t retire)

Weighing in at 6 lbs 8 ozs
and, 19 inches long,
I present to you,

Kaleb Ethan
Surprised Everyone with an early appearance!

Just in time for a 2009 Tax Deduction!

I’m on my way this morning to go meet the newest addition to our family, Kaleb.  I will post more pictures when I come back.
I’m so excited!



2 thoughts on “Surprise Arrival!

  1. YAAAAAYYY!!!!Congratulations to You All and a big… XXX WELCOME XXXDearest , Precious Kaleb …Thank you for coming here to shine Your Golden Light upon Us ….May Your Angel and Faefriends Lovingly guide and Protect You for a safe and happy journey ….Bless You XXXXAnd a BIG STAR on Mom's forehead …yay for You …no wonder He had to come out early !!! Aren't these new Children huge !!! hee ! hee ! May You share many magical moments together XXXX


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