Freebie and Baby Kaleb

Though I disregarded making resolutions for New Years, I am still off to a good start, so far.  It is almost 11:00 pm on January 1.  LOL  Not even 24 hours into the New Year, yet!  I figure, though, if I applaud even the tiniest steps, I will be encouraged to go forward.  I am normally an extremely ‘positive’ person.  Things go so much better when I am.  I just sort of slipped, here, of late.  So, I must return to my happy-go-lucky existence and keep sane.  LOL
One certainty is that my new, little grandson has put smiles on all of our faces.  There is nothing like a new baby in the family!  Kaleb was born one month early.  His weight was great at 6lbs.9ozs.!  He was an average size baby, but, had he held out until his due date, January 27, he would have caused his mommy quite a bit of discomfort, if not complications.  Aside from all else, Kaleb has had some minor respiratory issues.  When my DIL was ready to go home, Kaleb wasn’t.  Bless her heart, my son’s, too!  They thought they would be coming home with a baby!  Not yet, but, soon.  The doctor had the oxygen tube removed this evening.  YAY!!  If things go well over the weekend, they might be able to bring him home on Monday.  I sure hope so!  I noticed a large furrow in my son’s brow that wasn’t there a month or so ago.  It’s stress related.  My DIL’s milk didn’t come in, either.  But, Kaleb is healthy.  That is what matters.  He and mommy are doing well.  It will all be alright!  I have faith.
I had given my son and DIL my camera so they could take pictures of the baby.  Therefore, I only have a few photos to show you tonite.  These are the first images without the oxygen tube.  I think he’s precious!  LOL
Can you believe I haven’t even held him, yet?  LOL  It was important, at the time, that his brother go visit him in the nursery, so, I only peeked in on him.  Two of their older boys were home, not at their dad’s, when the baby came, so, they stayed with me and we took them up to the hospital.  Kaleb was attached to wires and tubes, there for a few days, so, there wasn’t much holding involved, gosh darn-it!  But, there were lots of loving hands on him often..
There is some concern about Kaleb holding down his formula.  They need to watch his weight.  He lost the usual couple of ounces after birth, but, his weight has stayed about the same, since.  They want to watch him a little longer because of that.  Though the proud parents want to hurry up and bring him home, they would be on pins and needles every time he sighed or coughed.  He’s in good hands at the Neonatal Unit, here.  But, let me tell you!  When that boy does get home from the hospital, I get to hold him first and the longest!  LOL  I’ll fight for it!
Now, for a complete 360.  In December, Magickal Scraps Colour Challenge featured this colour palette:
 The topic was Hanukkah.  This is one thing I know very little about.  I have always wanted to study the world’s major religions.  I couldn’t delve much into it for the challenge, as it was during the holidays and I tried to avoid sensitive subjects.  I still plan on doing some studying.  For now, though, I have made this kit to celebrate what I know about the Jewish religion and Hanukkah.  I hope someone can use it.
(Links for downloading are below the preview image.)

Even if you don’t think you will have need of the Jewish and Hanukkah-related images, there are some other pretties, particularly, some papers in the kit that I am rather proud of.  I spent most of the time on them.  I used some overlays that I had just downloaded.  I guess I was in a hurry because the identifying information is no where to be found.  I don’t know who I got them from.  If anyone recognizes any of them, let me know and I will credit, or remove, whichever.

So, cats and kittens, that’s what is going on in my world of late.  As always, thank you for your interest.  I am truly grateful.  We always have something we can be grateful for, or happy about, at any given time.  We really do!  Even when it seems that the chips are down, there is something we could have been happy about.   No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, there is ‘happy‘ in our lives.  Though we may have to look for it, I can assure you that it is never far away.  I know this because I choose to believe it.  Gracious!  What it difference it has made in my life these past 5, or so, years!  For now, then, I wish everyone “happiness”.  For today, see what all you can find that makes you happy, or things you have to be grateful for.  You might be surprised.

Much love and good thoughts to you,



12 thoughts on “Freebie and Baby Kaleb

  1. I love your posts Su – you seem to write them just for me – lol. I have decided to keep a journal or what I am thankful for each day. Today I am thankful for our recent rain which has given my plants the boost they needed. Big hugs to you. Keryn x x


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