Baby Kaleb Came Home!

My grandson, baby Kaleb, finally got to come home from the hospital!  He is at home and doing fine.  The doctors sent him home with a heart monitor, since there is some issue that he has that causes his heart rate to go down sudden-like.  Apparently, many preemies have that problem and they grown out of it.  In the hospital, I guess, the alarm went off quite often.  Since he has been home today, a period of 7 or 8 hours, the alarm did not go off once!  In the hospital, since Kaleb was such a good baby, he rarely got handled.  The nurses were more involved with the babies who were more ill.  So, basically, unless Mommy and Daddy were there, Kaleb wasn’t touched hardly at all.  He got to get out of that plastic tub and into the arms of a loving family.  Who wouldn’t do better?
Here is the little guy, wired for sound:
(This was at a few days old)
Spending time with Daddy:
Thinking it over:
All electric baby, hanging with Daddy:
(Notice his “pin-cushion” hands)
All of those were from the hospital.  I will have more pictures from tonite, his first night home with his own family!  I just need to upload them. 
My son and his wife have a beautiful baby boy to go with the rest of their cute little family.  My DIL is an amazing woman, a great mom and a terrific person for my son to be with.  He needs a lady like her.  She has a good head on her shoulders and she has the patience of a saint.  LOL  I don’t feel that I have to worry about him, anymore.  He’s a daddy, thanks to my DIL.  I love you, honey!
My son was able to lay his own son down in the cradle his Daddy made him.  I kept it all these years and now he has it.  Seeing little Kaleb in the cradle brings me back to ‘those days’, when it was my baby sleeping tightly in it.
One of my sweet online friends, Minky,  posted an image for Kaleb, a little child surrounded by angels.  It came with healing thoughts and loving energy.  I printed it and took it with me to go see Kaleb tonite.  We put it up near his cradle.  I know he will be okay, now!  Here is that image:
Thank you, once again, Minky.  If you want a wonderful, happy feeling, go check out her website, “The Continent of Sulina”.  She is such a sweet lady!  When I am over on her website, the whole world seems ‘right’, if just for a little while….
That’s all for tonight.  I just had to share the improvements with you.


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