Freebie, Good News & a Cool Action

Gosh!  I didn’t realize it had been so long!  I haven’t felt very well, so, I have been avoiding writing as I feel that I don’t pass on very good karma if I don’t feel good.  I want everyone to be happy and feel wonderful!!  (I don’t live in a fantasy world; I hold a lot of hope!  LOL)  No, actually, I just haven’t felt too great.  However, to keep myself busy I have been working on designing.  In one of the challenges I have done this month (more on that later), we took on paths.  My goodness!  They are quite easy!  I tried several shapes and some text, even, and ran a path around them with a round brush.  This makes the shapes appear ‘scalloped’.  It is so cool!   Naturally, I ended up with some things to share.  (Again, more on that later.)
Well…..  After being a part of the scrapbooking community for about a year and a half, I have finally decided to join in on helping design the Daily Download for the month of May at Magickal Scraps!  If I can do it and it is all okay, I will most likely continue on.  I am real excited!  At our chat last Friday night, the ladies talked me into it.  LOL  I’ve been with Magickal Scraps since they were but a few months old, the entire time I have been doing this stuff.  I was drawn to the atmosphere, the openness and the warmth, and the good-hearted, friendly ladies there.  One of my biggest fears is not living up to the expectations.  What expectations, you may ask?  Those I have put on myself.  After all, isn’t that kind of what happens?  Most often, we are the ones that place the enormous expectations and demands on ourselves.  I can lay ’em on good, too!  LOL  We shall see.  We shall see. I will write more on this as May draws near.
I found this super cute video on another forum I visit.  I bring it here to share.

Isn’t that the cutest!

I want to tell ya’ll about a cool website I found!   “Pencil Pixels” !  They do ‘art services on demand’ with these incredible actions for Photoshop.  They turn a regular photograph or image into a work of art!  You have got to see this for yourselves.  While you are there, check out their freebies, too.  They have some gorgeous frame packs, styles and the actions, among their pages.  If anyone asks, tell them Su sent you.  LOL  They are so nice!  I made a comment, thanking them for the free downloads and they e-mailed me with a real nice note of thanks for visiting and commenting.  That is why I think you all will like it.  They are good people!  I got one of the actions and have been having a field day playing around with it.  The one I got is the original Pencil Pixel Action.  It ‘sketches’ your image and leaves you with separate layers with different attributes.  So, even after you run the action, you can still make adjustments.  I have a rose that I ran the action on.  Depending on the settings, it comes out different, but, this one I did pastel, light and kind of dainty.  It started as just an image of a rose that I found on a Google search.  Isn’t that neat?

You know what I was thinking?  When you run this action, color is on one layer.  So, you could leave off/turn off the color, print it and paint it yourself with watercolors on an image of your liking.  They would be so pretty!

And, finally, I give you “a matte kit”.  Isn’t that an original title?  LOL  I mentioned earlier in this post about a challenge I had done.  This little kit is the outcome of the Design-Technique Challenge over at the Magickal Scraps’ forum.   Since I already explained the process, I leave you with the kit.  It isn’t fancy or themed, even.  It is merely a collection of various shaped, patterned, textured and colored mattes.  I added some simple bows, flowers, and papers.  Hopefully, someone can use them.  I learned a lot from them!  Good experience!
(Click on image to go to MediaFire for download)

I hope everyone had a terrific Valentine’s Day!  Until next time, SMILE and Be HAPPY! 


12 thoughts on “Freebie, Good News & a Cool Action

  1. Hello Su!As I wasn't at the chat, I was so surprised to see you actually joined in on the DD! What a great idea! And I am sure you will do more than fine! Yes, I know, the expectations and demands are the greatest from yourself LOL! But I think it is a good thing, that you want it to be as good as you can, and if possible even a little bit better. Don;t ask me how often I just erased half a kit for the DD because I didn;t like it after all LOL! And then started all over again.So welcome in the DD group!HugsKyra


  2. Hey hunni! Thanks for stopping by! The serif programs a great little toy for relaxing 🙂 I love the blog layout! I've become increasingly drawn to the vintage look. I see you are at the same place as I am, paths! I have just figured that to, fun isn't it? Thanks again for saying hi!HugsPink xx


  3. Hi Su, nice to have you on our design team for the DD's. And don't fret, you'll do just fine. All your work that I have seen is awesome. I stopped by pencil pixel too, but I haven't had a chance to play with anything yet. But once I get to Florida, I'll have plenty of time to play. (I hope! If there is internet!!)I'm getting too old to be sitting out by the dumpsters trying to pick up on internet air waves!!!!Time for me to start getting dressed. Today's the big day. My plane leaves in about 5 hours. You have a great day now. Hugs, Edna B.


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