“Tis trying to be a pretty day, here in Florida.  There’s a soft breeze blowing, bringing in some much-needed warmth to my drafty old house.  I’m still bundled up in my housecoat and a lap blanket.  LOL  My bones are cold!  Everywhere I look there are ads, articles and posts by folks just like me who are practically begging for Spring.  The scrapbook goodies coming out are all about the spring and Easter, which is spring.  Maybe, if enough of us will it real hard, the weather and the seasons will change to our liking.  LOL   Wouldn’t that be nice?  
Having said that about warm weather, I want to take you back to Christmas.  Wait!  Don’t leave!  LOL  I found some adorable holiday sparkly clip-art that I want to show you.  The name “Hawksmont Universe” may be familiar to you, already, particularly if you are a big PS brush fan.  Her brushes are the standard by which all other brushes should abide.  She also has a Hawksmont on DeviantArt website where you can see her art work and download some brushes.  It was on the main website where I found the images I wanted to show you.  Here is just one of the darling little gems to get you started:
The link is built in to the image – just click on the title.  Make sure you note that there are several posts with these graphics in them.  Clicking on “Free Graphics” under ‘Categories” in the sidebar, should take you to all of them.  One other thing – the brushes are free for commercial use with no attribution necessary.  Yay!  They carry Gimp brushes, too.

One can sure find some real jewels out there for websites.  My ‘cup of tea’ while surfing the net is design resources or just about anything Photoshop.  Over the past couple of years, I have visited a gazillion websites offering a plethora of goodies for download, some free, others, not so much.  Some have too many ‘restrictions’ for use while, still others want you to take them and no credit whatsoever is necessary.  I totally understand both sides of that coin, so, I will refrain from commenting further.  Some of the websites were so-so, while others were the ‘find of a lifetime’.  LOL

When I find something that I love, I want to share it.  That is part of my motive behind posting about certain websites, here and there.  The other part of it is that I think positive, supportive, commenting is rewarding.  I wrote on this in a previous post, but, here, I speak of rewards to one’s spirit.  If you believe in the “3-Fold Law”, it is basically ‘ya reap what ya sow’.

SU CheshireCat

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