My Back Pages

So, what do you think of Blogger allowing up to 10 pages you can add to your blog?  There is a tutorial that explains how to, if you are interested, HERE.  I was thinking that it would be a good way to show off all my resources.  I could use the blinkies I have for so many of my friends and acquaintences.  Then, I could list some sources, with brief notations and links.  I could add those that folks send me, too.  Divided into sections by interest or style, it could be quite a resource.
So, at the top of my blog page, there is a ‘menu bar’, with “Home” and “Resources”.  These are the two pages I have, for now.  Click on “Resources’ as I already have some in there.
Thanks for your interest.  I’ll have a more comprehensive list up and at ’em in no time.  That’s one thing I’m good about collecting and storing things.  LOL
Thanks for your interest!

SU CheshireCat

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