Anyone who says they can’t wait until their children are grown, to you I say, “Ha-ha-ha!”  What parent hasn’t considered the rewards of raising a child to adulthood?  That is the golden moment, the prize, the ends that justify the means, the ‘grand illusion’!  LOL  If you think that ‘adulthood’ means your job is done and you can sail smoothly on to retirement, welcome to reality.  The only difference with grown children is that they have ‘grown-up’ issues.  Bless all the little children, but bless the parents of the big ones.  LOL  I have been wrapped up in some family-related things that have really blown this girl away.  But, as my support system says, this, too, shall pass.  Hurry up, already!  LOL
My cyber-home, my online place of refuge, “Magickal Scraps” has been hacked – viciously!  About a week ago, the owner, Snowy, advised us that the store had been hacked and that she was working on it.  Wow!  The poor girl has been through the ringer!  After finally being able to get into the store, another fiasco was waiting there for her.  Apparently,  there is some worm, or something, that has infected her IP number, or something of hers.  She is working with her host and all to try and remedy the situation.  I have been lost!  
As a safety measure, we aren’t even using the forum.  The daily downloads, featured in the slide show at the top of the page, are being given out by a couple of our wonderful ladies on their blogs,
Go see them and collect your parts to this great kit!  Hopefully, real soon, we will be back up and running and we’ll see you there!  One way or another, we will survive!  Don’t forget I am a participant in May’s DD.  Just to keep you interested, I have a little ‘freebie’ for you.
So, I will look for you in May!  LOL
In my continuous search of the web for cool stuff, I found a few things that might interest some.  If you are anything like me, you have a gazillion brushes.  I love brushes!  They are easy to work with, extremely versatile and they come in every imaginable shape, size and subject.  In the past, if I needed a certain type of brush, I would Google it.  There are some sites that feature brushes and I check them from time to time.  I usually find what I need after a bit of searching.  Now, I have found a search engine for brushes,  You type in what kind of brush you want and it takes you to their page with the brushes they have.  The best part, though, is the instant download.  Under each preview is the download button and it pops right up.  No traveling here and there.  You just seek, find and save.  LOL  Give it a whirl.  I found it very easy to use.
While on the topic of brushes, I located, yet, another cool site for them, Digital Art by DiaMara.  Featuring mostly brushes, there are also alot of patterns and a few styles.  These brushes are absolutely gorgeous!  They are more like artwork than most brushes.  I like that.  Plus, there is an huge variety.  Give them a look-see and decide for yourself.

SU CheshireCat

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