DD Freebie, Garden, & May Poles

Greetings, this fine evening.  LOL  The moon is full as of last night and Beltane is coming. In my neck of the woods it is well into spring.  The flowers are beginning to fade and fall from the stems, ensuring reproduction next year.  My dogwood, azaleas and bottle brush tree have already passed their prime, their discarded flowers no longer good for much but compost and memories.  Beltane is all about the birth and re-birth of elements of nature.  In days of old a May Pole ceremony marked this same celebration.
Some folks still do the May Pole thing, particularly of late with the rise in popularity of what we call ‘New Age religions’.  The elementary school I attended had a May Day celebration every year.  I loved to watch the pretty colored ribbons, winding over and under, that ended up in a lovely patterned ‘pole’.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful or raunchy, but, there was a certain phallic symbolism in the May Pole.  Actually, there is quite a bit of sexual reference in this sabbat, Beltane.  The whole selection/reproduction cycle sounds a lot like something on a dating website.  Flirt and date to find a proper mate(selection), “engage”, then, reproduce.  It is the same the world over.  
I plan to chill out and maybe have a walk around my garden,  It’s about time to start maintenance on all the new growth!  I have a pile of stones and broken-up cement sidewalk pieces.  They were going to make a little path of stepping stones to a ‘faerie garden’.  I will post pictures when I get it done enough to recognize what it is.  LOL
The last thing today is the daily download.  Since there is only one more day to April, I am still posting them in my blog.  However, beginning Mai 1, with the new DD, they will go back to the forum.  Several of us hosted the DD’s when the store was messed up.  The forum is still okay to use.  Now that Snowy has some time off, perhaps we can get the store back up online and running smoothly.
Mai’s DD is the one where I chose the colors and the theme.  Here is that logo:
This DD will start on Mai(May) 1(first)
The last two days of April are all that’s left.  I will post the 29th now and the 30th late tonight.

Until then, have fun today!  A person can change the direction of a moment just by their facial expressions.  Smile today and see what may go better.  I can almost guarantee a better day!  After a couple of well-timed smiles, I always feel good!

SU CheshireCat

4 thoughts on “DD Freebie, Garden, & May Poles

  1. Your picture of the maypole dance brings back lots of memories from when I was a child. We celebrated May Day with lovely flower baskets and we danced around the maypole. It's a shame that the children today don't share that same fun.Hope your day is fabulous. Hugs, Edna B.


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