“Feathered Friends” Final DD & Freebie

Well, goodness!  Another month is passed.  Another daily download is, hopefully, on your hard drive, with this last day.  But, don’t slow down.  No!  We have another month, waiting in the wings, to wow and impress you.  LOL  This Mai DD is the one I have told you about.  I chose the colors and the theme.  I showed you the theme logo, yesterday.  Today, I am offering you a quick page in the color palette and theme, flowers.  
(click on image to go to MediaFire for download)
I want to point out the kitteh to you.  Kitteh was done with Pencil Pixels to give him a hand-drawn effect.  The actions there are so impressive to me.  Check out PencilPixels and download some freebie styles, frames and see what sets their actions apart from the crowd.
The ladies did the most amazing goodies to go along with this.  What we are going to do is show you good folks a preview of each day’s download with a link to the forum.  Our forum at Magickal Scraps is safe.  It’s just the store that is messed up and can’t be accessed.
For today, the last DD for April’s “Feathered Friends”, click on the image below.
That will do for today.  I have some things to do before tomorrow’s release of the new DD.  Thank you for your interest.

SU CheshireCat

6 thoughts on ““Feathered Friends” Final DD & Freebie

  1. Beautiful presentation and artistic ability. Also enjoy your little spiritual chats with yourself that you share with others.Ex pat American living in EnglandBeth


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