Challenges, “May Flowers” DD and Freebie

Maybe, I’ll actually get a post out on the date intended.  LOL  It’s 10:45.  We’ll see how I do.  I get so side-tracked, it is almost ridiculous!  
For this month’s challenges at Magickal Scraps, Snowy brought back several of the standard challenges we all enjoy, ‘Color’, ‘Template’ and ‘Scrap the Month’ Challenges.  Then, she gave the rest of us ‘free license’ to create our own if we wanted more.  (She’s still pretty bummed about the store and still trying to save something.)  Wow!  There are some great ideas that have turned into challenges.  Nana came up with a couple that should take us each down a more personal path.  There is a ‘Positive Reinforcement Challenge’.  I’ll let you figure that one out.  There’s a ‘Healthy Living Challenge’, too.  Nana is well-learned in herbals and all the good potions and remedies from our dear mother earth.  We will be researching different gifts from nature, then, doing a layout to share the information learned with each other.  Kyra came up with a great one, ‘Detective Challenge’.  We check out our favorite mystery or detective authors or characters, then, create a layout that looks to be a book cover.  I returned the ‘Design-Technique Challenge’, following a tutorial and some additional steps to come up with some really cool papers or backgrounds, collage sheets, even.  Click on the link below to go to the Magickal Scraps Forum to read more about the challenges.
It isn’t much, but, here is one of the pages I made for the ‘Design-Technique Challenge” as an example.  Please, take it if you like.  Click image to enlarge to 1600×1600, then, right click and save to disk.
I also want to share with you today’s, May 2nd, Daily Download preview for today.  Click on the image to go to Magickal Scraps DD in the forum for download and link.
I just want to say thank you so much for all of your really wonderful comments.  I enjoy them very much.  I never expected anyone to read my babbling, much less, respond.  And, always, so sweet!  I really don’t expect anyone to thank me for a download, either.  The way I see it is that it is the internet, for Pete’s sake!  Now, in defense of that comment, I am not trying to support myself on my designs, either.  Many folks are!  I respect that.  I am just one that is learning every time I open Photoshop.  I don’t know where this will lead, but, scrapping and this sort of design sharing works great for me as it gives me material to use to learn the program.  Just doing the “Color Challenges’, for example, using a set color palette and theme, has given me so much experience in using Photoshop!  I find the folks in the scrappin’ community a really great bunch of people, as well.  Everyone is so nice!
So, that’s that!  LOL  Thank you for your interest.  Good night.  
PS:  I made it before the 3rd of May!  It’s only 11:30!  LOL  Yay!!

SU CheshireCat

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