Jaela Boo & a DD, too!

I am only going to show the May 3 DD today.  I have been uber-busy doing some designing.  I let the time slip away from me – again.  Heh-heh.  I have been playing with the color palette for the Magickal Scraps May Color Challenge.  It is turning out real nice.  When I get a spurt of inspiration, like I did tonight, I roll with it.  
It wouldn’t complete my evening, if I didn’t write about the family.  Well, briefly, tonight, Jaela came into my room, not long before her bedtime.  She got in my office chair.  She likes playing in it.  I set aside what I was doing to spend a few minutes with her, just her and I, slowing down for the night.  She had a pencil and paper on a clip board and was ‘scribbling’.  She asked me to trace around her hand.  So, I held her pudgy little hand down flat and traced around each finger, very gingerly.  She kept flexing her little fingers.  I managed to get it done just as her mommy came to get her for bed.  
Like any other night, she was not happy to have to go to bed.  As she was toted off, her head down on her mommy’s shoulder, crying, I couldn’t help but notice her presence remained.  I could still feel her damp, sticky hand as I guided the pencil around it.  Her giggle was still resonated.  It is so free and hearty.  While she drew, we talked about her bedtime.  She was telling me how she doesn’t like all the screaming and crying.  Um, that would be her screaming and crying!  LOL We go through this every night.  She just hasn’t gotten used to sleeping in her own bed.
I feel so sorry for children, these days.  I guess they will look at their childhood as happy when they get older.  But, I just don’t see how.  Things were so different with me and then, my three.  My mom stayed home with us children.  I stayed home with mine.  Mom always had Dad around, so, she had help.  I had my husband, first, then, another guy that I eventually married.  So, I had someone around to help me, too.  My daughter is still single and she works full-time.  The little one goes to day care all day.  Her brother goes to school, then, to after school care at the same place as Jaela.  They don’t get to spend that much time at home.
Today, the two of them, Jaela and Nicky, took off down to the ditch, one house down, to catch ‘minnows’.  They’re tadpoles.  They have a net and they go climb down into the huge ditch and try to catch the little critters.  They returned home a little bit later, Nicky on his Razor and Jaela on her Hot Wheels, carrying the net.  She has these springy, black ringlettes that hang down almost in front of her eyes.  The two of them looked like a couple of ragamuffins.  Maybe, that is the reason I felt sorry for them.  I don’t know.  
I do know that, if nothing else, I am their ‘safe place’.  I will always have the time for them.  I will always do everything I possibly can for them, too.  I love those little children.  I love all my grandchildren.  I’m just closer, naturally, to my daughter’s.  That big smile and cheeky grin are what make it all worth while!  Nicky comes in from school every day and comes to see me.  We always say, “Did I tell you yet today that I love you?”  Then, giggle about it.  I don’t usually see them in the morning.  It causes alot of hassle for Sarah.
I want them to remember this stuff with me.
Here is May 3rd’s Daily Download preview.  Click on the image to go to the Magickal Scraps forum.  The download links are there.
I do hope you enjoy it.  I’ll see ya tomorrow!

SU CheshireCat

One thought on “Jaela Boo & a DD, too!

  1. Your layout for DW is beautiful. I took a look at the site, but was not excited about them sharing my ID and password with other sites. However, what I did see was very nice.Hope your Mother's Day was very relaxing. Hugs, Edna B.


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