I so admire the folks who can think of some clever little comment, or otherwise, every day on their blog.  Oh, I don’t have a problem coming up with something.  It is just that my life is so unorganized, I couldn’t stick to it on any kind of routine.  Each morning I read my e-mail, so, as it is often inspirational, I thought I’d try jotting a few lines after reading each day.
Recently, I have been writing about getting my house back and having time for me.  I’ve managed to cease some of the interferences in my day.  My daughter and I are having a hard time with it, though.  She’s still here all the time!  We are talking about it, at least.  Still, she and the children are family.  I have a built-in tolerance for almost every thing that comes along.  I was totally caught off guard by some of my ‘friends’ responses, though.
I was not prepared for the reaction of two people, who seemingly ignored my requests entirely.  I may as well have been talking to the moon.  One, a guy who was my roommate, here, for a long, long time.  He moved out last summer.  Yep, last summer!  Every since then, he comes by almost every afternoon to collect his mail.  I don’t know why he didn’t have his mail forwarded to his new address.  He still has a key, so, he stops in, collects his mail, then, usually comes back to my rooms to talk with me.  I don’t much care for knowing someone might walk in on me at any time without any warning.  Not only that, but, it interrupts what I am doing completely!  He just walks in to my room, out of the blue, and starts talking to me.  It goes without saying that I jump out of my skin every single time!!  I ask him why he doesn’t knock, he says he is afraid he’ll disturb me.  Hmmm!  I am totally disturbed by any and all of it!  What if I was undressed?  What if I don’t want company!?!  The guy lived here for almost 10 years – he knows how I am better than most folks!  He hemmed and hawed for several weeks until I demanded my key back.
The other one, a friend who likes to come over and hang out, was as difficult, if not more.    This one seems to think all of my ‘rules’ don’t apply to him.  When I get in a funk, I don’t answer my door or the phone.  I want to be left alone to work through it.  I must have explained this a dozen times.  Actually, it was precisely 3 times.  What he does is call me, waits about half an hour and calls me again.  He has told me he always keeps trying whenever he doesn’t get an answer on a phone.  He leaves messages on my machine, of course, along the lines of him hollering out for me to answer.   I’ve told him over and over not to do this with me.  This will go on and on until I finally grab the phone and yell at him.  This is when he thinks it is okay to start talking to me about whatever.  It is usually some thing he wants and he will not sit back.  He is determined to get his way!  Never mind that I am depressed and in need of dealing with it.  He just doesn’t care!  He and his mom have been having some hard times lately, so, I was trying to be friendly with him.  Not any more!  I just don’t need a ‘friend’ who will not respect my wishes.  That is no friend!
These two are people who have been close friends to me, so, I was hoping they would understand my wishes.  Evidently, they weren’t my friends at all.  I was theirs, they just weren’t mine.  Anyway, I dealt with both guys and I’m hoping I can find more time in my day.  Rather than field visits and phone calls all day, maybe I will actually find the time to work on my own projects.  I feel like I’m being petty to some degree.  I have held my friendships with the utmost esteem.  They are important to me.  But, this stuff has been eating away at me for a while, now.  Hopefully, this is it with these two. 
If you’ve read along, thank you.  I appreciate your patience.  To show it, I have something for you.

SU CheshireCat

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